Generational Production: Phase 2

The Patch Design Phase takes place in the labs of the Zaxiri College. Patch-Designers create Makodonic Patches (a reproductive cell/ or gamete) with inventory oversight by hive Oligax. Patch-Designers also create Kermadonic Patches* (motile cell organisms/ or spermatozoa).

The Kermadonic Patch is how Femarctic citizens are capable of having more than two biological makers. Kermu and kutx cells cultivated from burxolic excretion are used to make motile cells (spermatozoa); these cells can be engineered from two different citizens. Such fusions cannot occur with cells taken from the lining of the makodux.

Patch-Designers are mandated to create five patches per citizen, ten if she’s given the DNA needed for both patch types. Oligax will allow no patch to be used more than a maximum of four times; notable exceptions occured in the production of the Eleventh due to the population deficit brought on by the Sister Suicides.