Generational Production: Phase 1

In Phase One of Generational Production, geneticists at the Prime Lab begin the process of Base Reactivity. Base Reactivity starts when hive Oligax removes the mitochondria of a deceased generation (collected upon recycle) from a cryogenic storage center known as the Genetic Harvester. This preserved genetic material is then fused the makadonic cells of citizens to create what is called, a Makadonic Patch. Full generational output Base Reactivity began when the Second Ramaxian Gen produced the Fifth Ramaxian Gen.

  • The DNA of the Original Subjects created the Fifth Gen.
  • The DNA of the Ramax Gen created the Sixth Gen.
  • The DNA the First Gen created the Ninth Gen (see Patch Wars).
  • The DNA of the Second Gen created the Tenth Gen.
  • The DNA of the Fifth Gen created the Eleventh Gen. 

Phase One is also when DNA Collection occurs. Donating a patch is a misnomer because the DNA collected from citizens is not an actual “patch”, but cells taken from reproductive organs or burxolic fluid. When the call for DNA Collection is issued, citizens across Ramaxia (those stationed off world donate their DNA before leaving the planet) visit reproductive practitioners to have cells extracted; this is done only from a generation that has never produced.

‘Donating a patch’ occurs in two ways:

Those choosing to be a “makodonic” maker, will visit a SubServ Clinic and undergo a pelvic exam to ensure the health of the makodux. Fertility Attendants (Subaki or Zaxiri) then scrape viable makodonic cells from the wall of the makodux. Cells taken from the makodux (not present in Marixi) are combined with the genetic material of a prior gen (Base Reactivity) to make what is called, a Makodonic Patch.

Those designated as “kermadonic” makers must visit a genbluz located within a SubServ or ZHC that is designed for the purpose of collecting kermadonic cells. Sexually stimulated by Fertility Counselors (Subaki or Zaxiri), citizens are brought to climax and their juices collected to extract burxolic fluids rich in kermu and kutx, produced by the kermatux organ (this organ is not present in Subaki or Zaxiri); these cells are used to create Kermadonic Patches.