Genetic Inheritor

The position of Genetic Inheritor (or Gen-Heir) is a fundamental component in establishing the line of succession for the Ruling Platform of Ramaxia.

Individual members of an incoming Committee (and Primary) must have a genetic heir in the next scheduled generation to ensure their ascendancy. This genetic-heir must be alive in the populace; it takes only one member of a Ruling Platform to be without a living heir, to disqualify her generation from a rule.

The eligibility of a gen-heir’s ascendancy falls to the Sernatae.

When a gen-heir is born, Femtrux overrides a standard generational-code assignment and assigns a unique code to designate the citizen’s position in their generation’s ruling-platform. Siboxi born alongside a Genetic Heir to a Ruling Committee member have differing codes. Multiple inheritors can occur when a designated member of a Ruling Gen uses her patch to create many citizens. When this occurs, secondary successor codes are issued to ensure the Gen Rule position not be vacated by the death of a single inheritor. 

A genetic inheritor is not always born first, as with Pax Tol or Rasa and Ryl Jyr. All three hizaki donations of Committee Member Ilu Jyr are genetic heirs. However, only Rasa, born after Ryl, and sibling Pax, is the prime inheritor for the Committee position. If Rasa lived without an heir or died before her ascension to power, her coded position would shift to Ryl Jyr. Pax Tol, raised by different makers in House Uym, but created from the DNA of Ilu Jyr, was coded as a secondary inheritor to the First Office.

Example – Line Jyr

SECOND OFFICER: ILU JYR (CM0602) – Donational Listing
Ilu’s gen-code indicates Inheritor/Generation/Position

  • Ruxo Jyr (Freeborn Seventh – no code assigned)
  • Rixitat Jyr (0962841)
    Rixitat’s gen-code indicates Generation/DOB/Placement/
  • Pax Tol (CM0911)
    Pax’ gen-code indicates Inheritor/Generation/Position
  • Ryl Jyr (CM0912)
    Ryl’s gen-code indicates Inheritor/Generation/Position
  • Rasa Jyr (CM0904)
    Rasa’s gen-code indicates Inheritor/Generation/Position

Rasa Jyr’s position is indicated as (zero) four, to designate her as the prime inheritor of the Fourth Office. Pax Tol’s code designates her secondary position as successor to the First Office – should anything happen to its prime inheritor, Ryo Uym. Ryl Jyr remains the secondary successor to the Second Office should anything happen to its prime inheritor, Lekada Wram.

Inheritor Docket (Ninth Gen)
 (Displays Prime with First Successor)

  • Fusa Kul (PRY0901)
    • Pita Dag (PRY0911)
  • Ryo Uym (CM0901)
    • Pax Tol (CM0911)
  • Lekada Wram (CM0902)
    • Ryl Jyr (CM0912)
  • Rasa Jyr (CM0903)
    • Kin Acari (CM09013)
  • Wox Banto (CM0904) <–First Bizak inheritor
    • Tee Banto (CM0914)
  • Yegi Tol* (CM0905)
    • Yulat Gizul* (CM0915) <–First Subak inheritor

*CR Yegi Tol lost her life in a transport accident that killed Sixth Gen Committee members Opix Uym and Ilyu Jyr. During this time, Yulat Gizul rescinded her inheritor status, vacating the Fifth Office for Doctor Wox Banto, who gave her Fourth Office position to its first successor, Tee Banto.

Example of an Anomaly in Inheritor Assignment

PRIMARY: FUSAKUL (PRY0901) – Donational Listing
Fusa’s gen-code indicates Inheritor/Generation/Position

  • Fusadakul* (PRY1001A)
    Fusada’s gen-code indicates Inheritor/Generation/Position
  • Sofitakul* (PRY1001B)
    Sofita’s gen-code indicates Inheritor/Generation/Position

*Due to the death of their birther/maker, Fee Banto, the Kul twins were registered after their date of birth. Oligax found that Sofita (hizak) shared indiscernible genetics with Fusada (marix), prompting a review by Femtrux. Femtrux found that both Fusada and Sofita shared indiscernible genetics with their elder Ixo Kul and thus coded them as one citizen, with an added letter to differentiate their separate physical forms. 

Inheritor Docket (Tenth Gen)
 (Displays Prime with First Successor)

  •  Fusada Kul/Sofita Kul (PRY1001 A/B)
    • Zixas Wram (PRY1011)
  • Eppis Banto (CM1001)
    • Ixo Gizul (CM1011)
  • Pitana Dag (CM1002)
    • Doka Tol (CM1012) <–Second Subak inheritor
  • Laxum Jyr (CM1003)
    • Yutada Acari (CM1013)
  • Uvi Tol* (CM1004)
    • Velto Wram (CM1014) <–Third Bizak inheritor
  • Fyla Uym (CM1005) <–Second Bizak inheritor
    • Axeel Relo (CM1015)

*Uvi Tol, an administrator for the Dirtoxian Mining Consortium, succumbed to an ocular infection during trials to overcome hizaxikogatix in 2200. 

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