Generational Code

When a citizen is born, she is assigned an identifier that designates her a member of society. A gen-code is how the technopathic lifeforms of the Collective recognize and interact with every member of the citizenry. It is needed to acquire schooling, subsidy credit, and housing. It is how citizens obtain vocations to earn credit for purchases; it also needed to produce. It assures a citizen communal hibernation, and recycle.

Oligax is the hive responsible for the assignment of a generational-code; a Gen-Code contains a citizen’s generational number, her day of birth and her numerical placement on that day, and her caste designation.

Oligax assigns these codes at birthing centers immediately following the delivery and healthy recovery of the birther as her thumbprint is needed to process collection by a caregiver or maker. The donations of those born to Zaxiri that die during delivery were once assigned a gen-code by attending physicians or nurses at the donations necessary follow-up exam. This ended after the unethical registration of eight donations in the Tenth Gen. Eleventh Gen born of Zaxiri that did not survive delivery were assigned a gen-code by Oligax upon successful processing of the deceased Zaxir by hive Faltrix.