Polar Coal

There are three types of coal found in the Ditoxian Mountains of Ramaxia: Tharxian (anthracite – a hard coal), Toxian (bituminous – a soft coal), and Dirtoxian (a bituminous coal) lacking the impurities found in conventional Toxian that is native to Tharso. There are two mining divisions on Tharso, the first on the Tharsulia Plateau (Tharsis), and the other in the western Femaxaikul region (Amazonis).


Tharxian Coal is a high carbon native to Ramaxia (Antarctica) that gives energy and heat when burned, making it invaluable to helovx-nations that no longer have the labor-force to mine hard coal.

Helovxi mistakenly refers the Tharxian Coal they import as Dirtoxian Coal or Antarctican Coal.

Toxian Coal is an element of Toxipin (Polar Cement) a waterproof asphalt used in benthic and aquatic construction. Toxipin is utilized to seal domes, tunnels, and other submerged self-contained environments. Mined extensively in the Vosk Mountains, the Gulidox Hills, and the Toxisk Plateau, it comes now from the Toxian rich seafloor of the Ramaxic`acarol (Arctic Ocean).

Dirtoxian Coal is a naturally produced coke created when once-active shield volcanoes destroyed and distilled bituminous coal from prior geophysical occurrences. Discovered around the dormant composite volcanoes that divided the Dirtoxian Mountains from the Marixidak Mountains, it is a vital in component in creating tharspin. Dirtoxian Coal is now derived exclusively from the bases and flanks of Tharsulia Prime (Olympus Mons) on Tharso. Mining for Dirtoxian Coal began in the Yulax Region (Hesperia Planum) of Tharso during the era of the Ninth Ramaxian Gen.

RAMAXIDOL (The Femarctic Era)