Wa’xami is an oath taken by two citizens to live their lives together without sexual involvement with others; they also agree to recycle together when too old to benefit the citizenry. It is an intensely intimate form of monogamy wherein two citizens agree to grow old together and die at the same time.

Waxam is not the norm. It is rare to find a subak waxamist and rarer to find a monogamous zaxiri. Monogamist feelings are most common amongst bizaki and, to a lesser extent, marixi. However, due to the constructs of hizaki sexuality, waxamist tendencies in this caste are challenging to detect.

Most bizaki waxamists go undiagnosed due to their group cohabitation behaviors and highly social lifestyles. They maintain a somewhat toxic culture of sexual territoriality regarding subaki and camouflage their monogamous nature in bonds with more than one bizak or subak.

World Oceans’ use of Generational Bluzsh allows them to weed out of monogamous marixi*. Divisional Officers and Cit-Guard seek sexual gratification in Genbluz with assigned groups of sexual counselors (no single counselors for sexual activity exist in Orta); observers flag any perceived attachment to one therapist.

*Due to the Primary’s monogamist relationship with her deceased bond, World Oceans restrictions and treatments have relaxed. Now, suspected waxamists must visit a citbluz for intercourse with multiple zaxiri; these zaxiri must sign a chit claiming to have entertained the suspected, thus closing her case.