Subaki & Zaxiri Bonding Preferences


Subaki are nurturing by design. Despite natural reproductive capabilities, Subaki are discouraged from bearing donations because of the damage it does to their metabolism, and their underdeveloped makzol. Subaki sexual experiences mature within their caste and with Zaxiri, but when older, they enjoy the companionship of Bizaki, or Hizak citizens with stable careers and lifestyles. Subaki rarely involve themselves emotionally  or sexually with Marixi.

Subaki require emotional bonding to achieve happiness, and a large part of their emotional gratification comes from creating a stable environment to raise donations. This need for stability is why Subaki seek long-term bonds, typically with Bizaki, and Hizaki. Sex is not a primary focus of a Subak, as she commonly aims to build long-term relationships, with sex as a recreational device that keeps the group together; the Subaki goal is to support the emotional, social, and intellectual development of the donations in her care. The Subaki hormonal connection to Zaxiri often makes them the target of unwanted advances, and so bondship serves as a means of protection. Though some Subaki bondships to Bizaki are hindered by bizkerbatic attitudes, many Subaki remain in unfulfilling bondships even after donations leave the home to caste-train; bond-broken Subaki remain stigmatized in social culture and within their own caste.


Zaxiri have superior genes and healthy bodies to ensure the steady production of donations, but they’re not naturally inclined to rear them. As gestational carriers, they are the only citizens capable of safe live birthing, with little to no long-term physical side effects. Unlike Subaki, the Zaxiri drive to procreate is unhindered by maternal bonds: no Zaxiri remains with the donation she delivers because of an inherent dislike of donational age femmar. The psychological aversion to newborns abates over time as the donation becomes physically self-sufficient. Zaxiri share this dislike of donational age femmar with Hizaki; this caste shows no interest in a donation until it begins to develop an intellect.

Zaxiri are born natural exhibitionists. They are sexually drawn to Marixi because these citizens seek out sexual relationships with no long-term attachment. While they use each other for recreational enjoyment, Zaxiri rarely bond with Marixi, and if they do, it’s often purely physical, or due to being in a shared bond with another caste-mate. Zaxiri desire citizens with high communal, corporate, or academic status, thus putting them in exclusive hypergamy with the Hizaki. While Hizaki intellectualism and social discipline give them no reason to seek sexual recreation until they’re in their later teens, their motivation lies in reciprocal standards based on a partner’s erotic capital. Bonding to a Hizak pays off for highly sexualized Zaxir, as Hizaki are inherent candaulists. They show off their mates to those they’re trying to impress and will share their partners sexually with those they consider their equals. Bonding with an Hizak elevates a Zaxir citizen’s quality of life (which is why Zaxir often avoid bonding to Bizak, though Bizak and Subak will seek out a Zaxir to birth their donations, and bond to them to benefit from the Zaxir citizen’s continuous line of credit, awarded once she gives birth).