Vanda (pronounced van-dah) is the largest of the domed city-clusters. Vanda is home to Ramaxia’s wealthiest houses, lines, clans, and non-affiliated citizenry, and their charity has made Vanda the center of Femarctic history, publishing, art, and fashion.

Comprised of a sizable central metro sector, Vanda Prime sits on the floor of the Vand`takal. Prime Dome contains the Ramaxi Museum District, an association of museums, galleries, cultural centers and community organizations, dedicated to promoting art, science, history and culture. Vanda Prime’s Textile District is home to well-known designers, their production facilities, and warehouses. Educational centers of the fitat`femax movement to train Bizaki, call the Textile District home. Vanda Prime dome houses the Center for Ramaxicon Prehistory (the largest pre-impact helovx exhibit), where citizens can learn about the Femati and walk through a replica of the Femaki`xirpaxul. Prime Dome is the seat of the Ramaxian Digicast Industry and is home to the Femarctic Femvel Collective, an organization of recording companies, labels, and publishers.

The sister domes (known as the Vanduel), are Greater Vanda and Central Vanda. Situated north of the prime dome, the Vanduel house roughly sixty percent of the cities population in residential developments with yards and water parks.

Vanda’s name comes from Lake Vanda Hut, a pre-impact polar base occupied by seven fierce helovx women, led by New Zealand native Sally Atu. After razing the nearby weather station at Vanda Hut, original Marixi subjects Kaxital and Tiskol moved to collect the remaining seven women held up in the hut itself. A blast from an explosive set inside the outer door blew the head off of Tiskol; she was the first Femarctic casualty in Femitokon’s quest to purge the continent of helovx. Atu and her sister scientists held off the brutal Kaxital for two days, escaping on the last day to the nearby base of Concordia, where they met their death at the hands of Balrusok, and Potax.


  • 2225 Citizenry Count: 8,548
    • 47% Hizak, 26% Zaxir, 15% Subak
    • 11% Bizak, 1% Marix
    • 48% Ninth Gen, 32% Eleventh Gen
    • 20% Tenth Gen

Vanda is connected to the Ramaxian Citizenry Transit, via stations Vanda Prime Terminal, and Terminal Tiskol.

Vanda is the ancestral home to Committee Member the Third, Tee Banto (9th Gen). Vanda’s Primary Citizenry Representative is Eppis Banto (10th Gen). Secondary Representatives are Gentix Relo – Central Vanda (9th Gen) and Qul Grik – North Vanda (10th Gen).

Vanda has a team in the Ramaxian Podcrest League (Vanda Megalodons), a team in the Isurus Relays (Vanda Snubfins), and participates in the Sno Endurance Trials (Pack Vanda).