Utama (pronounced oo-tah-mah) is a highly elevated dome located just west of what was considered to be the pre-impact ‘South Pole.’  The largest portion of Utama’s dome sits beneath the waters of Lake Utamx, on the Utamx Ridge. As the home of the Cloister, Utama is an important center for political affairs, exerting a significant impact upon inland commerce, law, and generational-structure.


Under the dome’s outer perimeter are the estates and nux-yards of Ramaxia’s political elite; Utama is the ancestral home of Line Jyr, Line Sok, and House Kul. High-ranking members of the Cloister keep seasonal-session residences outside the metro area, while low-level and service industry citizens live downtown. Utama’s native resident population is small when compared to the number of ‘non-born Utamaxi‘ that migrate to the city to work in the Cloister, or to work in the industries related to the Cloister.

Utama’s name comes from a catalog taken from a helovx environmentalist named Nan Lee. To communicate with subject Balrusok, Lee used a magazine promoting a “shopping center” called ‘Utama.’ Balrusok was impressed by the images and the architecture. Lee became the only helovx woman allowed to live, after the slaughter at Concordia. Lee later died of exposure after Balrusok was ordered to return below the ice. Balrusok gave the magazine to her bond-partners; Bizaki instrumental in scouting the subglacial territory beneath what was then, the Southern Pole.


2225 Citizenry Count: 5,420

  • 45% Hizak, 25% Bizak, 10% Marix
  • 10% Subak, 10% Zaxir
    • 48% Tenth Gen, 37% Eleventh Gen
    • 15% Ninth Gen

Utama is connected to the Ramaxian Citizenry Transit via her single station, the Jyrtax Terminal.

Utama is the home of Committee Member the Fourth, Rasa Jyr (9th Gen). Utama’s Citizenry Representative is Ryl Jyr (9th Gen).

Utama has a team in the Ramaxian Podcrest League (Utama Primaries), a team in the Isurus Relays (Utama Shortfins), and participates in the Sno Endurance Trials (Pack Utama).