Toxis (pronounced toks-iz) formed when the Prime Lab built its first facility on the northernmost east island in the waters of the Vand’takal. The populace around the facility grew, spreading out over the island and along the Toksis River Delta until the benthic dome era when the femmar erected a central dome over the eastern portion of subglacial Tox Island. Sister domes followed, one covering western Tox Island, and another on the floor of Toks Harbor a mile south of the coastal Toksis River Delta.

Toxis Prime is home to Ramaxia’s pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. The main campus of the Generational Production Department is here, along with the Prime Lab, and central offices of the Zaxiri College. Toxis Prime contains the Citizen’s Catalog, the Subaki Citizenry Center, and is home to the Subaki Caregiver Guild, one of the largest donational-care programs in the world. Also in Toxis Prime are the central offices of the Health Center Administration, along with dozens of private sector corporations that specialize in biotech.

On one side of the prime dome is East Toxis which boasts a robust sex industry. East Toxis contains the most bluzsh per capita than any other dome and commerce revolves around the Zaxiri that live and work there. West Toxis, on the opposite side of the prime dome, serves as a residential base for those working in Toxis Prime. West Toxis dome contains the second largest population of unbonded Subaki before the setting of a production year.

The Femarctic name for Tox Island (and the term Toksis) comes from the word, токсический, written by scientist Ivan Balantin after his arrival by way of the original subjects. He wrote in chalk, on a stone: do not let me die in this toxic place.


  • 2225 Citizenry Count: 6,160
    • 66% Zaxir, 18% Subak, 10% Hizak
    • 2% Bizak, 1% Marix
    • 38% Ninth Gen, 32% Tenth Gen
    • 30% Eleventh Gen

Toxis connects to the Ramaxian Citizenry Transit via Kyrtabi Station in West Toxis. Kyrtabi connects to Toxis Prime’s Kulasook Station, and the beautiful Akzilo Terminal, in East Toxis.

Toxis is the ancestral home of Second Office of the Committee, Lekada Wram (9th Gen). Toxis Citizenry Representatives include the Prime Chair of the GPD, Riba Wygz – Toxis Prime (9th Gen), Uwav Grik – East Toxis (9th Gen), and Jixa Ru – West Toxis (9th Gen).

Toxis has a team in the Ramaxian Podcrest League (Toxis Koolasooks), a team in the Isurus Relays (Toxis Turisops), and participates in the Sno Endurance Trials (Pack Toxis). East Toxis is host to the Prime Citizen Pageant.