Pikalit (pronounced peek-all-it) and its sister-domes are called the Triad. Unlike other domes in Ramaxia, they’re all equal in size and built on the harbor floor of the Pika’takal (beneath the helovx  named Coats and Queen Maud Lands), south of the Dirtoxian Range.

The Triad has a high concentration of manufacturing companies and is the historical center of tharspin production, coal and diamond mining, and industrial development. Along with its vast Bizaki population, Pikalit is home to a sizable amount of Subaki, making it the city with the most bonded-citizens, and during production years, the most with donation-rearing pods.

Pikalit Prime dome houses a majority of Pikalit’s resident citizenry. It’s metro area is home of the Bizaki Entertainment Bureau, making it a center for content media and streaming entertainment. Prime Dome is also the home to the Bizakaxi, a collective of powerful labor unions that train and represent Bizaki citizens, post-caste schooling. Prime Dome contains the Vosk Vertical, a huge platform that takes pedestrians to and from the Vosk Glacial Fairgrounds on the surface.

Northeast Pikalit boasts the Ramaxian Tharspaxi Consortium, the League of Dirtoxian Mines, the Dirtoxian Diamond Consortium, and is home to the Ramaxian Tharspin Production Center. The Northeast dome is where prefabrication occurs on construction projects throughout Ramaxia. Northeast holds the only direct access to to the Dirtoxian Mountains by way of the Consortia Tunnel and is the sole point of transport to the surface where citizens can visit the Vosk Glacial Fairgrounds via private transport.

Greater Pikalit dome, on the northern floor of Pika`takal, is home to the agricultural and livestock industries. The waters within Greater Pikalit’s dome contain hundreds of fish hatcheries and floating aquaponic fields. Dominating the dome’s interior are flooded livestock ranches and wetland farms; Greater Pikalit is where all mass-produced Ramaxian food is processed and packaged.

The Triad gets its name from the Pika`takal; itself named for Anya Pikali, a geologist from Vostok Station. Pikali, the first helovx to succumb to pressure sickness while being brought down below the ice by subject Pekada, lies buried in the glacier over the pinnacle of the Pika’takal.


2225 Citizenry Count: 7,180

  • 43% Bizak, 40% Subak, 8% Zaxir
  • 6% Hizak, 1% Marix
    • 38% Tenth Gen, 35% Eleventh Gen
    • 27% Ninth Gen

The Pikalit Triad is connected to the Ramaxian Citizenry Transit via Pikalox Grand Terminal, and the surface water shuttle-port, the Dirtoxian Plateau Launch Center.

Pikalit is home to Committee Member the Fifth, Wox Dag (9th Gen). Pikalit Prime Citizenry Citizenry Representative is Pel Jyr (10th Gen). Secondary representatives are Yegi Das – Greater Pikalit (10th Gen) and Cruzo Tegal – Northeast Pikalit (10th Gen).

Pikalit has a team in the Ramaxian Podcrest League (Pikalit Tharspinners), a team in the Isurus Relays (Pikalit Marlins), and participates in the Sno Endurance Trials (Pack Pikalit). It is the home of the Dirtox Flats Rally and is the birthplace of the BK Glider, and the GST.