Orta (pronounced or-tah) is the central location of Ramaxian World Oceans, its branches, training centers, and resident programs. It is the home of the Marixi.

Orta Main encompasses the Ort`takal (Orta Bay), and harbor, where the lifeforms of the Polar Air Command are bayed. Under the dome is the portion of the Southern Coastal Marixitak Mountains seating Polar Fleet Housing and the Marixi Training Program. Submerged in the Ortokil Lagoon is the Orta Biologic Center; responsible for the cultivation of the cyber-biotic vessels of the Polar Fleet, before they’re taken to the Ramaxatae to mature. Orta Main’s dome also covers the high cliffs of the Northern Coastal Marixitak Mountains, built into these mountains are the administrative centers of the Surface Operational Department, the covert Sorority of Defense, and the Guardia Program Barracks and Training Center.

Orta’s sister dome, Secondary, covers the Turkol Canal in the west and contains Fleet Health Center Prime, and the Fleet Foodservice and Hygiene Annex. It’s also home to Marixi Administration, and Feet Generational-Bluzsh Services (there are no citizens-bluzsh in Orta).no_image_available_3

Orta’s smallest dome, the Civilian Housing District sits on the floor of Lake Pekada. The CHD houses non-Marixi citizens employed by the Prime Lab and it’s branches in World Oceans. Residential housing is restricted only to non-Marixi; oceanic-assigned Marixi live on their vessels, or on bases located throughout Ramaxicon. Marixi that choose to live outside Orta Prime must acquire a residence in one the citizenry-domes of Pikalit, Toxis, Vanda, or Utama.

The name Orta comes from an old lithograph found in the far western wastelands (pre-impact Turkey) by Second Ramaxian Generation scouts. The image depicts an helovx woman in an old fighting uniform, donning a sword; etched across the painting is the word ‘Orta,’ word similar to the name of the Ort’k shore, the prime landing sand at the foot of the Marixitak Mountains. Since 2100, the Orta-lithograph hangs in Orta Main’s ‘Primary’s Residence.’


2225 Citizenry Count: CLASSIFIED

  • 92% Marixi, 4% Bizak, 4% Hizak

Ramaxian Citizenry Transit services are available at Gulidox Terminal (located between the Civilian Housing District, and Orta Secondary). Restricted liberty shuttle services from Marixitak Station to Toxis, do not allow citizenry-civilians.

Orta has no Committee of Five representation, nor does it have a Citizenry Representative in the Cloister. Orta falls under the joint jurisdiction of the Primary and the Office of Marixi Administration, via the Sernatae-Second, Ixo Gizul. Overseeing day-to-day operations is the Prime Chair of Ramaxian World Oceans, Uli Zag.