Generational Production Department

The Generational Production Department, or GPD, was once the Generational Production branch of the Prime Lab. It now operates under the administration of the Fifth Office of the Committee and is responsible for the design and production of the Citizenry.

It began on the shores of the Toksis Peninsula after the Lonely Time, when Subaki and Zaxiri demanded to oversee certain aspects of donational production. Leaders Kilutabi (Zaxir) and Yulixex (Subak) would later create the Zaxiri CollegeStaffed mostly by Subaki and Zaxiri, the generational production department is responsible for patch design, and donuxi creationimplantation and collection. It acquired an official name (GPD) along with a separate campus, during the production of the Second Ramaxian Gen.

After prime lifeform Femtrux came online, she created hive Oligax, to administer the Prime Lab and its generational production division. Citizenry related task-oriented functions were carried out by sub-hive Targon. Equipped with Oligax, the Prime Lab, led by Fifth-Gen geneticist Eppis Jyr, (Fifth Office of the Committee), created the Femarctic Male. The creation of the Femarctic Male ushered in the free-birth epidemic.

In the era of the Sixth, geneticist Opix Uym fused the Ramaxian Communication System to Femtrux’ prime functioning core, creating Intragux. Femtrux’ sentience evolved, giving her the power to lock out key members of the Prime Lab, from generational production programs. After the Patch Wars had delivered the Ninth Gen, Femtrux vowed to never interfere with the Prime Lab (or Cloister politics). In 2165, the Generational Production Department oversaw the removal of males from the populace for the purpose of ‘retraining’ them to align with their proper caste-designation. In 2180, a Ninth Gen surgical-obstetrician rose to prominence named Wox Banto. The Bizak physician was the youngest citizen to become Secondary Chair in the Generational Production Department, and she used her position to dismantle the Retraining Centers and petition the Prime Lab for the cessation of the Male Design. In 2187, after a coup executed by the Ninth Gen, Wox Dag (former Banto, she’d bonded and taken on her partner’s name) ascended to Fifth Office of the Committee. Bitter over her many bouts with the elite of the Prime Lab, Dag severed the Generational Production Department from the Prime Lab and brought it under the control of the Fifth Office.

Under Wox Dag’s tenure, the Generational Production Department produced an Eleventh Ramaxian Gen, but it has also endured two oversight inquiries that led to limiting of its power. The first from lifeform Femtrux regarded the registration of eight free-born femmar in the production of the Tenth Gen; this led to Oligax removing all means of manual registration of donations until the GPD is free from administration by the Fifth Office. The second, brought forth by the Citizenry-Chamber, involved patch design manipulation that affected the Marixi of the Eleventh Gen.


  • Prime: Fifth Office of the Committee – Dr. Wox Dag (9th Gen) (Bizak)
    • Prime Chair: Dr. Riba Wygz  (9th Gen) (Hizak)
    • Secondary Chair: Dr. Fyla Uym (10th Gen) (Bizak)
    • First Office: Dr. Itek Tabikul (9th Gen) (Zaxir)
    • Second Office: CS Yulata Gizul (10th Gen) (Subak)
    • Third Office: Dr. Hib Perkad (10th Gen) (Zaxir)
    • Fifth Office: BC Ilo Gizul (9th Gen) (Subak)

Prime Lab Offices

  • Primada Offices – Udax Ridge, Toxis Prime
    • Prime Hall – Udax Square, Toxis Prime
    • Citizen’s Catalog Center – Udax Court, Toxis Prime
    • Zaxiri College Main – Udax Court, Toxis Prime
    • Subaki Registration Main – Udax Court, Toxis Prime
  • Patch Services Main – Udax Ridge, Toxis Prime
    • Patch Services Vanda – Holix Drive, Vanda Prime
    • Patch Services Pikalit – Tirgolox Park, Pikalit Prime
    • Patch Services Utama – Utamx Shoreview, Utama
    • Patch Services Orta – Orta Health Center, Orta Main
  • Zaxiri Birthing Center Main – Udax Ridge, Toxis Prime
    • ZBC District Cluster (25 Centers) East Toxis
    • ZBC District Cluster (20 Centers) Pikalit Prime
    • ZBC District Cluster (13 Centers) Toxis Prime
    • ZBC District Cluster (13 Centers) Greater Vanda
    • ZBC District Cluster (10 Centers) Central Vanda
    • ZBC District Cluster (5 Centers) Utama
  • Ramaxi Pod Services Main – Udax Ridge, Toxis Prime
    • Pod Services Toxis – Udax Ridge, Toxis Prime
    • Pod Services Vanduel – Holix Drive, Vanda Prime
    • Pod Services Pikalit Triad – Tirgolox Park, Pikalit Prime
    • Pod Services Utama – Utamx Shoreview, Utama
    • Pod Services Orta – Civilian Housing District, Orta
  • Donational Collection Main – Udax Ridge, Toxis Prime
    • Donational Collection Center, ZBC 5 – Widak Court, East Toxis
    • Donational Collection Center, ZBC 10 – Tikad Shores, Pikalit Prime
    • Donational Collection Center, ZBC 1 -Udax Ridge, Toxis Prime
    • Donational Collection Center, ZBC 3- Vandox Square, Greater Vanda
    • Donational Collection Center, ZBC 3 – Takal Ridgeview, Central Vanda
    • Donational Collection Center, ZBC 1-5 – Sok Park, Utama