First Settlements, and Hydro Power

At the end of Dubol, 2024, Bizaki miners blasted through the southwestern ridge of the Vosk Mountains and discovered the subglacial expanse of the Yulitox Valley.

Hizaki, Zaxiri, and Subaki subjects poured into the Yulitox Valley. Forming into groups, the settled in the caves along Yulixa and Turkol Rivers. 

In Bamx of 2024, surveyor Yawramx led an expedition south, down the mighty Utaru River, taking with her thousands of Bizaki engineers and miners.

In the southwest, they discovered Lake Utamx, where Marix leader Balrusok set up the permanent camp of Utam, for Marixi, Hizaki, and Bizaki, taking part in the mission down the Utaru.

When Yawramx and her crew reached the midpoint of the Ramax’takal Range, they found the coastal crags of the Yulixica Ridge. The rocky shore lay exposed by the thawing of ice on the other side of the mountains, in the West, and its torrent of meltwater thinned the ice over what came to be known as the Vandtakal.

At the crest of the falls, architect Yirukel designed a concrete dam as part of a hydro-powered plant of Femati design that came from the database of the Femakixirpaxul.

Unable to sail beneath the ice-sheet over the Vantakal, Yawwramx chose to explore the water. As scouts mapped the bay floor, laborers set about scraping the belly of the ice-sheet, making room for a voyage path to the highest point of the Vandul Peninsula on the horizon.

By Yuli of 2024, engineers hollowed out enough ice to allow for the construction of a base camp called Vand.

At Vand, Bizaki surveyors finished their mapping of the western bay floor. After clearing ice over Vandosh Island, divers traversed the eastern portion of the bay and veered north to the known beach at Tox Island. In Jixak, 2024, engineer Haluxikon brought the hydro plant at Yulixica Ridge online. It provided power to settlements on the Yulixa and Turkol Rivers, and to Utam base.

RAMAXIDOL (The Femarctic Era)

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