Zaxiri House

Zaxiri House (called theZah! by its former students) located in Toxis Prime, contains multiple facilities designed to isolate donational age Zaxiri from the outside world; this seclusion occurs because Zaxiri enter a phase of exploring their bodies, and the bodies of others, at age 10.

Upon arrival, a young Zaxir joins a fifteen-member group called a Clutch (like Subaki). Each clutch resides on a floor into a multi-level building. Zaxiridoe live their lives here naked, until the age of 12, when offered clothing and cosmetics. During this time Zaxiridoe learn how to care and touch themselves, and the basics of grooming, hygiene, and social interaction.

At age 12, Zaxiri find out how to have sex; they begin socializing outside their caste at Subaxir Socials. Zaxiri begin basic academics during this time; at age 13 they’re given psychological and hormonal exams, along with tests to measure their IQ. Sexual socialization with Hizaki and Bizaki begins at 14, at parties called Zaxiri Socials.

Zaxiri found to have latent mitopurx levels (their bodies can naturally control high arousal levels) separate from Zaxiri House for placement into the Subaki Citizenry Center. These Zaxiri acquire vocations outside sex-work, due to the greater cognitive reasoning that occurs when not physically tied to an hyperaroused state.

Zaxiri exit Zaxiri House at age 16, to reside with her pod or take a position in a citizen’s bluzsh. 16-year-old Zaxiri graduating with the Subaki are given the opportunity by the Zaxiri College to work and pursue higher studies in Fertility or Gestational Sciences; if not interested in the bluzsh nor continuing her education, a Zaxir can fund their Citizenry Credit Account by way of modeling, serving as a courtesan, or by exotic dancing.

Citizenry Vocational Annex