Subaki Citizenry Center

Toxis Prime is home to the Subaki Citizenry Center, a complex of separate campuses where a Subakidoe resides to learn socialization, proper hygiene, and undertake educational studies that include reading, writing, communication, math, and science.

Upon arrival in Toxis at age 10, Subaki form into five individuals called a Clutch. At this age, Subaki learn how to rely on housemates, maintain a residence and balance credit. Each clutch lives in a four-floor house meant only for them; they are responsible for its upkeep and cleanliness. Responsibilities such as cleaning and cooking cycle amongst the five and the habitat’s condition and the group’s morale must stand up to weekly inspection.

At age 12, Subaki move into a dorm-style residence to cohabitate with another clutch. Together, these ten Subaki learn basic triage and first aid and begin instruction on intimacy. During this time (ages 12-14), Subaxir-Socials start occurring once a week. Young Zaxiri arrive for these parties hosted by the Subak where they engage each other socially (and then sexually).

Age 14 marks the end of clutch living; single rooms are assigned to Subaki and located in a portion of the campus overlooking Toxis metro. Citizen Socials organized the Subaki Citizenry Center allow young Bizaki and Hizaki a chance to mingle (not sexually) with Subaki. During this time Subaki are also responsible for attending classes at the Generational Care University; here they may meet Zaxiri who’ve transitioned to the GCU. Fertility and Gestational Sciences are mandatory, and some Subaki (and Zaxiri) may test out of the core program in Toxis to attend higher instruction in Mynu.

At age 15 Subaki acquire a Citizenry Credit Account but may remain in the residential neighborhood of the Subaki Citizenry Center until they get a job that allows for the rental of a residence.

Citizenry Vocational Annex