Brood Life

On the last day of their thirteenth year, Toobers transition to physical and weapons training, and cohabitate in a twenty-five member unit called a ‘Brood.’

Brooders train in hand-to-hand combat, surface mobility, and aquatic maneuverability. During the polar night (21 Yuli – 19 Jixak), Broods conduct a regimen of fitness training to build muscle. During the polar day (19 Hizax – 19 Ramx) Brood’s enter instructional training, learning strategy, scouting techniques, blaster-handling and care, sexual education, and surface triage. Fitness during the polar day is limited to swimming, as hibernation takes up a portion of their end-of-year.

Brooders live and train together daily in a six-day week. Those that earn one day of free time must dedicate it to higher educational study. Those unqualified to expand beyond their physical training must return to the barracks for their free day. Among Marixi there are leaders and followers. Leaders emerge among many and will choose 3 to 4 Broods as close friends. These gangs are called a Pack. Packs will engage other packs in regular competition during training; individual or full pack confrontations that escalate to violence will lead to severe disciplinary action.

Training trials throughout a Brooder’s life are designed to force a cooperative stance among formed social-packs. When pack-leaders become concerned with their overall performance and compel their packs to join a rival pack and conquer a trial or obstacle, this is called Brood Order. Full Cohesion occurs when Brood Order leads to friendly interaction in the barracks.

Brooder Social Stages

  • Primada Brood (Leader)
    • Chosen Pack (Followers Chosen)
  • Pack Warfare (Competition)
    • Culling (Leader will shed a Follower)
  • Cooperative Stance (Leaders unite their Pack)
    • Brood Order (Opposite Followers unite)
  • Full Cohesion (One Leader falls in behind Another/Packs unite socially)

Despite rival packs achieving full-cohesion, many will divide during their Final Trial. Leaders are typically the first to put aside new friendship to take out those they consider a threat to their overall standing.