Bizaxi Academy of Citizenry

The Bizaxi Academy of Citizenry has two vocational campuses, and one workplace-resident program, administered by the Citizenry Vocational Annex. The first is for Bizaki ages 10 through 12 (Shards), and the second is for Bizaki ages 12-14 (Burgs). Internship programs work and house Bizaki ages 15-17. The prime campuses are located in Pikalit Prime, with work-study locations throughout the Pikalit Triad.

In their first two years of caste-training, young shards are given hands-on training with materials, tools, building, wiring, chemical compounds, and beginner geometry, math, biology, and science. In their first two years, they learn gymnastics and meditation, swimming, diving, soil and marine geology, farming basics, and team socialization. Shards are housed in structured living areas with five per room, arranged by the last letter of their given pod name.

In secondary schooling at age 12, Bizaki become burgs able to pursue whatever vocational curriculum they desire; engineering, agriculture, manufacturing, and design. Burgs reside in multi-level forms with four to a floor; again organized by the first letter of their given pod name. By age 13, Bizaki with high intelligence will often leave Pikalit for Mynu to engage in higher academic pursuits.

Bizaki remaining in Pikalit will spend ages 15-17 living on location in their chosen fields; farms, ranches, aquaponic centers, sanitation stations, hatchery decks, cooking schools, manufacturing centers, and more. Those with careers in geology and mining will journey to Kulixa Base to train for life on Tharso.

All BAC graduates receive their Citizenry Credit Account upon registration with the Bizakaxi for employment. Once a job is secured, a Bizak citizen puts in a request for residence and receives her BEBBLE and sustenance vouchers.

Citizenry Vocational Annex