Bizubaki Sadness

The Bizubaki Sadness was a precursor to establishing how the femmar dealt with death, while the advent of Recycle inadvertently enabled them to produce their own kind.

In the years leading up to 2026, exploration, mining, and manufacturing led the death of over 20,000 Bizaki. Around 2024, of the thousands of Subaki visiting the surface, 1,592 died of respiratory failure. Unable to isolate the cause of their condition, over 4,000 additional Subaki continued to unwittingly travel to the surface, and they too succumbed to oxygen sickness. When the corpses could no longer be kept near the living, they were deposited in carefully dug trenches up on the ice; this time is called the Bizubaki Sadness.

Hizak subject Rigizul, the brilliant geneticist that co-founded the Prime Lab with subjects Uymras, and Myanu, created a home on Tox Island with five Subaki while she and fellow Hizak subject Myanu sought to replicate the nanites found in the genetic-harvester of the Femaki’xirpaxul. Fourteen year old Rigizul entered into a depressive state after the death of a favored lover, and refused to allow the third of her four Subaki lovers to die, be buried on the surface. While Rigizul recused herself from work, Myanu managed to replicate the nanites found in the Genetic-Harvester. Her nanites were designed to consume viscera, rich in the mitochondria cells needed to create new life. Studying Myanu’s replicated nanites, Rigizul created a separate set of nanites called a ‘death eaters’ (tiloodax) to devour everything left behind by Myanu’s nanites, leaving only the bones. Upon completion, her ‘death-eaters’ were burned, and the remaining bones crushed to dust in a pressurized chamber.

Rigizul and Myanu successfully tested their nanites on two of Rigizul’s deceased Subaki. Rigizul acquired a totem made of her lovers’ bone dust while Myanu walked away with the first remnants of a biogenetic base upon which to built a new generation.

RAMAXIDOL (The Femarctic Era)

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