The Bizakaxi are the collective of bizakax (labor unions) that bargain over benefits, wages, and working conditions, of the Bizak caste. The Bizakaxi represent individual and groups in disputes with citizenry-run administrations or private industrial management concerning violations of contract provisions. The Bizakaxi are also responsible for the caste-training of Bizakidoe. When not engaging in lobbying activities within the Cloister, the Bizakaxi oversee workforce assignment throughout the domes.

Bizakax began unofficially in Yulitat 2024, when original Bizak subjects Pekada, Ilogwo, Uymdak, Dizukel, Yawramx, Dubgax, and Haluxikon, divided the Bizak subjects into exploratory and labor groups. Most Bizaki were inborn laborers that transitioned quickly to service work, while some were semi-skilled, honing a particular trade. The minority were inclined to advanced thinking and calculation, on par with the Hizak caste.

In the Age of Expansion, groups of bizakax formed along the Artery, as a result of Hizaki indifference to Bizaki safety; logical by nature, Hizaki accepted estimated losses of life as a normal part of growth, while Bizaki in the mining and tharspin industry became unwilling to risk their lives. Knowledgeable Bizak representatives sat down with Hizak administrators in charge, hoping to establish safer working environments. After the death of Pekada, and the arrival of the first donations, lack of Ruling Platform representation and emerging pod-dynamics led the Bizaki to demand set hours for labor.

Desperate for a proper work-life balance the first groups of bizakax came together and on Yubol 1, 2063, every Bizak refrained from work. Right before the production of the Second Gen, the most powerful bizakax brought in lesser labor unions to form the first Bizakaxi, in Pikalit. Later, the Bizakaxi asked educators to develop vocational training courses for youthful Bizak, and they were the first to establish a template for organized caste-training.

Bizaki of the Fifth Gen were the first to have the opportunity to work for themselves, private entities, or for the citizenry, and still retain the base subsidy given to them in the era of the First Gen. In the era of the Ninth Gen, the Bizakaxi expanded its influence to the planet of Tharso; like Pikalit, Tharso is considered the domain of the Bizakaxi.

The Bizakaxi
(in order by year established)

  • United Miners Coalition (UMC) – mineral extraction laborers 
  • Tharspaxi Workers United (TWU) – tharspin production workers
  • Dirtoxian Stone Cutters Union (DSCU) – mineral extraction laborers
  • Bizaxi Continental League (BCL) – subglacial and surface conservation services
  • Sorority of Exploration (SE) – homeland mapping, surveying, and between the poles
  • Marine Engineers Association (MEA) – marine life and land service workers
  • Biogen Bizaxi United (BBU) – biomedical, genetic, and health care
  • Ramaxian Employee Federation (REF) – Legislative, GPD, and RWO administrations
  • Sorority of Citizenry Essentials (SCE) – dome maintenance and sanitation laborers   
  • Ramaxian Textiles Coalition (RTC) – creation and manufacturing of textiles
  • Union of Operating Engineers (UOE) – manufacture, care, and repair of equipment
  • Bizaxi Building and Habitation – (BBH) – structural design and construction industry
  • Ramaxian Foodaxi Workers (RFW) – farm, ranch, and livestock industries
  • Bizaki Benthic Guild (BBG) – dome design and maintenance, infrastructure building 
  • Water Workers of Ramaxia (WR) – citizenry water treatment laborers
  • Bizaki Educators Union (BEU) – caste training educators (Bizaki)
  • Kyrsaxicol Sorority (KS) – energy production, sphere maintenance, industries
  • Guild of the Collective (GC) – laborers maintaining habitats of the collective life-forms
  • Bizaxi Interstellar League (BIL) – laborers assigned throughout RIO and off world
  • Guild of Transit Operations (GTO) – citizenry transport and rounder laborers
  • Sorority of Freight Handlers (SFH) – global logistics, port authority, non-polar trade
  • Mynu Instructors Guild (MIG) – Bizaki educators employed in Mynu
  • Bizaxi Creditors Guild (BCG) – Bizaki employed in the financial service industry
  • Transport Workers of Ramaxia (TWR) – private transport industry
  • United Foodapax Union (UFU) – food service industry
  • Bizaki Broadcast Workers United (BBWU) – broadcast and entertainment laborers
  • Bizaxi Cosmetic and Style Union (BCSU) – cosmeticians, stylists, and designers

RAMAXIDOL (The Femarctic Era)