Atmospheric Shells and Domes

The benthic domes that house Ramaxia’s major cities are grand in size to accommodate future generations. Those living inside take up a small portion of the dome’s habitat sector. Those residing within do not see the structural makeup of the dome due to Atmospheric-Shell Technology. The AS technology incorporated inside the domes creates a habitat that camouflages its structure, maintains living conditions, and cycles weather patterns.

An Atmospheric Shell maintains set temperatures*, depending on the dome. In far eastern Orta the mean temperature is 12°F. The southern domes of Vanda and Toxis are a comfortable 17°F while in the northern domes of Pikalit and Mynu, it’s somewhat warmer at 21°F. In Utama, it’s a balmy 28°F, because it is the highest elevated of the domes, and is the only dome partially exposed to the surface.

Beneath the ice within subglacial landscapes, mountains, and valleys, temperatures fluctuate from -73ºF (-58.3 ºC) in the east, too -5ºF (-20.5 ºC) near the exposed western coast. Temperatures are the warmest throughout the year in the West Islands, where it is safe for helovx, during the austral summer season.

The atmospheric shell cycles weather patterns, with light winds being a permanent condition. Rain falls one day a month, and on this day, temperatures in the domes rise above freezing; rains occur because subglacial fauna need watering, and waterscapes need recharging. Rains cycle once a week from Subiz to Buxol (the hibernation season).

After the production of the Second Ramaxian Gen, atmospheric shells began dividing night and day, to force the naturally laborious Bizaki to separate work from life. A typical Ramaxian day inside the dome is a cloudy dark blue, or purple, with no direct sunlight, or any view of a sun. At night, the sky becomes dark, with no direct view of a moon or stars.

Day Cycle
Night Cycle

Domed bases and structures between the poles do not contain atmospheric-shells, and Ramaxia Primada is the only station kept warm enough in certain sectors to house helovx year round; an undersea structure, it is made with clear-dirtoxian glass with no shell program in place. Interstellar bases (such as those on Tharso) are domed with pure tharspin; the atmospheric-shell maintains a proper Ramaxian temperatures, but rendered landscapes are displayed on glass panel citizenry-screens. This window-camouflage is done to maintain the mental health of the citizen’s stationed on off-world.