Maker Outreach and the Ramaxian Communication System

The Maker Outreach Program (MOP) was a communications groupware based on helovx design and initially developed as a form of video telecast. Due to the shortage of Subak among the Ramax Gen, pod-culture failed to take hold, and the need to bring subjects together was paramount if the First Gen were to grow up properly. The Maker Outreach Program connected laborers along the Artery, to the Subaki elders of the originals choosing to look after their donations. MOP interface screens sprouted up in the farming hostels and mining camps, as well as Hizaki offices and work centers. The MOP also benefitted Ramax Gen Subaki mental health as it gave them adults to speak to, on a daily basis. When co-opted by the Zaxiri, not only did it help foster a connection between the breeding castes, but screens cropped up in the Marixi settlements of the Marixitak Mountains. As the First Gen grew up, the MOP became inundated with donational-age subjects of the First Gen. First Gen donations contacted one another and developed a culture of social-networking. Coming of age with the MOP allowed the First Gen to establish physical, emotional, social, and intellectual relationships, forging a cohesive culture despite being separated by geography.

The MOP evolved in the youth of the Second Ramaxian Gen, the first Gen to have been caste-trained. The MOP turned into a global system of interconnected computer networks called the Ramaxian Communication System. A network of networks, it consisted of hundreds of thousands of private, public, academic, business, and government networks, of local to global scope, that in the era of the Fifth Gen, were linked by a broad array of electronic, wireless and optical networking technologies. Its use among the youth of the Fifth provided an outlet for creativity and performance art.

In the era of the Sixth Generation, the advanced RCS was incorporated into the conscious mainframe of Femtrux, culminating in the creation of Intragux, and the Ramaxian interHive.