The Femarctic Era: First Century

THE FIRST CENTURY: 2025 – 2123

Dubol (January) 7, 2025
First census; Gene Cataloging begins.

All the subjects are accounted for, numbering 137,000.
Figures calculated, grouped by caste:

• 5,482 Marixi
• 13,997 Hizaki
• 25,993 Subaki
• 26,984 Zaxiri
• 64, 544 Bizaki

Using the Femaki`xirpaxul’s Anatomical Scanning Bay, hizak subject Uymras, Myanu, and Wramtal, begin anatomical and genetic cataloging of every subject. The discovery of blood types and nutritional requirements aid in building a medical database. They find that every subject has four or more genetic siblings, except Femitokon and Fusafitakil.

Dubol – Ixax (January – May), 2025

Tharspin production; automatic manufacturing.

Bizak subject Wygzitat creates tharspin from mined tharspaxi by developing an oxygen converter process similar to that employed by helovx to make steel.

On Jixak 18, Dizukel and Pekada design the first computerized numerical control for a manual milling machine. Milling systems running with these new controls have automatic tool changers, tool magazines, coolant systems, and enclosures, leading to large-scale manufacturing of tools and parts.

Bamx 14, 2025
Valentine’s Day Eruption begins the Dark Years.

A full-scale eruption of a mega-volcano in North America occurs on Bamx 14, 2025, at approximately 2 a.m. The eruption lasts many months and triggers extinction events throughout the globe, decimating most of humanity.

Yubol 2025
First Settlement, Hydro Power.

Yulitat (December) 2025
The Ramaxian Artery sets off the Age of Expansion

Miners employ a tunnel-boring machine designed by hizak Wramtol in the Turkol Mountains. Called the Turkol Fist, it punches through without the need for full-scale blasting and creates the Ramaxian Artery. An essential component in the Age of Expansion, the Artery enables bizaki leaders Yawramx, Percadiz, and Uditol, to led exploratory expeditions beneath the ice from 2023 to 2030.

Dubol – Jixak, 2026
Prime Lab founded; Valentine’s Day Eruption; musical-culture develops; first health centers established; the KB-Trench. 

The KB-T, an eight-mile trench containing elongated turbines designed to harness the katabatic winds that push from the plateaus, to the coast, provide enough energy to exclusively run the Artery, increasing the speed and reliability of the boring machines. The project is led by Dizukel, from plans found in the Femaki`xirpaxul.

Dubol – Jixak, 2026
Bizubaki Sadness leads to first Makatilrix; Water Treatment; Marixi Colony is formed.

The first water treatment facility is established by Hizak subject Haluxikon, at the subglacial wetlands of Ortokil (Lake 90East). The site was discovered by Femitokon and her corps of Marixi, just east of the Ortokil rift.

While Fusofitakil and Pekada remain sequestered within the Femaki`xirpaxul, along with hundreds of others hoping to find the source of her power, Marixi are unable to adjust socially due to an inability to live full-time, with other castes. Femitokon marches all nonessential Marixi from inhabited villages and settles them in the mountains surrounding the harbor Ortakal.

Dubol – Jixak, 2027
Progressive assembly begins; the Dirtoxian Mountains discovered; the Digger is invented. First Patch-Collections.

Assembly lines are added to the manufacturing process, reducing the number of Bizak needed, and creating safer working conditions. 

The Artery arrives at the foot of the Dirtoxian Mountains (Gamburtsev Mountain Range). Natural caverns are webbed throughout, loaded with geodes containing precious stones, and vast amounts of Tharxian and Dirtoxian coal.

Hizak Uymras and her Prime Lab decide to produce a generation of Femarctic offspring. In anticipation, thousands of Hizak leave the settlements to staff the medical centers around the Prime Lab. DNA is collected from every subject–excluding those sequestered in the Femaki`xirpaxul, and those Marixi residing in the Ortakal Colony. 

Yulitat, 2027
The Prime Lab fails to create a Ramaxian Gen.

The first fertilized donuxi are developed from the DNA of subjects in Toksis, Utam, Vando, and various unnamed settlements along the Artery. Implanted in over five-thousand Zaxiri, an unknown bacteria germinates within the donuxi and infects the Zaxiri. All five-thousand fifteen-year old Zaxiri die during pregnancy, including the first Zaxir subject, Jyrulix.

Dubol – Yulitat 2028
The Lonely Time.

Dubol – Ixax, 2029
Second Census, and Patch Collections; Ruling Platform is chosen; Zaxiri Health Centers are formed.

A second census is carried out amidst Subaki organized DNA extractions. The numbers are reduced since the census taken five years before, in 2029, with the hardest hit castes being the Bizaki, Subaki, and the Zaxiri. There are 95,263 subjects, remaining.

Figures calculated are:

  • 5,021 Marixi
  • 13,012 Hizaki
  • 14,906 Subaki
  • 18,006 Zaxiri
  • 44,318 Bizaki

On the First of Bamx, at the northern shore of Lake Utamx, the Serntaxa (Fusofitakil) names a Primada (Femitokon), who then chooses her Gurtak`cloisax (Bantol, Uymras, Pekada, Wramtol, and Veldag).

Gurtat – Yubol, 2029
The Artery comes full circleToxian Coal discovered; Penguin brine-harvesting begins; first lifeforms are engineered. First paxicol are brought online by Hizak Ublazag.

The population of Emperor Penguins (tripled due to the redirection of katabatic winds) becomes problematic, as their overpopulation leads to penguins falling into the turbines on the KB-Trench, clogging its fans. Millions of penguins are relocated to an artificial coast built inland. Here, the Femmar harvest the salt byproduct excreted from their bills. This salted water is an important component in the hydrating units developed to humidify the atmosphere beneath the ice.

Advances made in genetics lead to the development of life-forms robust enough for cyberization, with DNA collected from fossilized beasts, found in Ramaxia’s lakes and bays.


Subiz 1 – Buxol 20, 2029
Scheduled hibernations begin in scattered paxicol centers.

Yulitat, 2029
Death of Pekada

The body of subject Pekada is discovered on the floor of the Harvester Control Room. Fusofitakil questions the Femaki`xirpaxul and is told that Pekada removed a conduit casing from an energy-duct and came into contact with raw energy.

The first Planned Ramaxian Generation is born. These donations are called ‘the Ramax Generation’ and consist of 36,012 live births (71% survive infancy), broken down by designated castes: 40% Bizak, 35% Zaxiri, 10% Hizak, 10% Subaki, and 5% Marix.

Subaki implant Zaxiri in Dubol, and donations are delivered Yubol. Subaki implant Zaxiri again in Bamx, and those are delivered in Yulitat. The original subjects are 18 years of age when they produce.

Dubol 14, 2030
Dome and Shell technology tested and brought online in Lake Utamx.

A dome of pressurized dirtoxian glass and tharspin, sealed over a completed portion of what will someday be Utama, is drained, and atmospheric shell technology enacted to created an atmosphere. Dozens of subjects live within the dome for many months to test its viability and to complete its urban plan. Rupacari, Wulilix, and Bantol die when a pressure gage malfunctions and floods their portion of the city.

Construction of Utama complete.

Built from plans designed by Bizaki subjects Rupacari and Wulilix, and Hizak Bantol (all bonded to Marix subject Balrusok), the city grid of Utama is built into a 17.0 square mile area on the submerged Utamx Ridge, in Lake Utamx.

Yubol 1-Yulitat 22, 2030
Bizaki Labor Strike.

After the arrival of donations, representatives of the many Bizakax (Labor Unions) demand set hours for labor. When their request is ignored due to a lack of Ruling Platform representation, the Bizaki collectively refrain from work; shutting down Ramaxia. The strike ends after the formation of set hours for labor and time off.

Subiz 1 – Buxol 20, 2030
Scheduled Hibernation’s begin, without the breeding castes.

Due to birthing and collecting of donations, the Zaxiri and Subaki do not sleep.

2131 – First Year ever with Donations

2032 First Twentieth Year
Subaki and Zaxiri begin experiencing evolutionary fitness.

Despite being in the presence of their donations, the breeding castes set off a period of promiscuous behaviour amongst the castes that cripples progress throughout the year 2032.


The streamlining of submersible dome technology and atmospheric programming leads to an aggressive era of city building on the floors of bays and lakes. 

Dubol – Jixak, 2033
Bizaki return to work to build Pikalit.

The Ruling Gen vote to build a city exclusively for the Bizaki, prompting every Bizaki to converge on the Pika`takal to help build it. After a residential plan is drawn up and approved, but influential parties central to manufacturing, mining, and farming, each want portions of the dome to be dedicated to administering their respective industries.

2033-2036 Construction of Pikalit Prime
2037-2041 Construction of Toxis Prime

Yulitat, 2042
Balrusok killed by Femitokon.

Balrusok and Femitokon quarrel and when it physically escalates (as if often did between them), Femitokon accidentally kills Balrusok by snapping her neck. Unable to offer her life for Balrusok’s (she had no sibox left alive and her bonds were deceased) Femitokon sets aside property for Balru’s newborn donations in Utama, and places an honorary plaque in the center of the city.

2043-2046 Construction of Vanda Prime

Dubol 1 – Jixak 20, 2047
Patch Collection begins among the young Ramax Gen; they are seventeen years of age.

Hizax 20, 2047
Sernatae Fusofitakil dies in hibernation.

Buxol 1, 2047
Primary Femitokon commits ritual suicide on the surface.

Yulitat, 2047
A new Primary and Sernatae are chosen in Utama.

Replacements are selected from the Ramax Gen, each are seventeen; Hizak Sofitauym (Sernatae) a donation of the deceased Pekada, and Marix donation of Balrusok and Femitokon with the deceased Bizak Wulilix, young Veltokul (Primary).

Planned Ramaxian Generations produce what is considered the First Ramaxian Generation: 17,898 live births: 40% Bizaki, 30% Zaxiri, 15% Subaki, 10% Hizaki, and 5% Marixi – 64% survive infancy. They are called the ‘True Generation’.

Ramax Gen Subaki do not divide the implantation numbers, they implant all the Ramax Gen Zaxiri in Dubol, with the donations delivered in Yubol. Then implant all Ramax Gen Zaxiri again, in Bamx, with final deliveries in Yulitat.

Generational Production Department established; pod culture develops between Original Subjects and First Gens; Zaxiri College forms.

The Twentieth Year of of the Ramax Gen occurs in 2050, their donations are only three years of age. Unlike their own experience of neglect during the twentieth year of their makers, the Original Subjects, First Gen donations are cared for by the Originals, forming the first cohabiting bonds and family units.

2049 – 2053 Construction of Northeast Pikalit
2054-2057 Construction of West Toxis

Yulitat 5, 2060
Cloister building erected in Utama; domes Utama, Pikalit, Vanda, and Toxis, are ratified as municipal entities.

2060-2066 Construction of Central Vanda
2065-2068 Construction of  Greater Pikalit

MOP co-opted by youth of the First Generation; Bizakaxi established; Northeast and Central Vanda ratified as municipal entities; West Toxis ratified as municipal entity.

Yulitat, 2066
Third Patch Collection – First Generation and their elders, the Ramax Gen.

Planned Ramaxian Generations produce the Second Ramaxian Generation: there are 24,770 live births. 30% Zaxiri, 30% Subaki, 20% Bizak, 15% Hizak, and 5% Marix – 84% survive infancy. The are the only gen born of multi-gen makers, and they will come to be known as the ‘Reaping Gen‘ because of their extensive scouting between the poles.

2068 – Twentieth Year of the First Gen

Their donations are only a year old, and as before, elders step in and to care for the Second Gen, in place of their wanton makers.

2069-2073 Construction of Mynu; citizenry credit established.

The First Generation comes to power, they are twenty-three years of age.

Articles of Citizenry; Citizenry Vocational Annex created for the Second Gen.
Sernatae Sofita Uym establishes the CR-Chamber – first Representative elections.

First organized caste-training begins; first literature released;
sports culture develops among youth of Second Gen
Central Vanda built and completed; End of the Helovx Dark Years

2080-2084 Construction of East Toxis (final dome sealed).


Jixak 22, 2084
Original Subject Self-Termination.

The Original Subjects still alive throughout Ramaxia, retire from their positions and self-terminate in newly formed Recycle Centers (in Toxis). They are sixty-two years of age.

Dubol-Jixak, 2085
Large scale agriculture begins; age of Patch Collection altered.

Attempting to curtail neglect and emotional instability, the Generational Production Department changes the schedule of Patch Collection; it is mandated to take place after a generations twentieth year.

Dubol-Jixak, 2086
Exploration between the poles begins

The first inorganic planes are dispatched between the poles. They map the planet, and forage abandoned cities, oversee the excavation of submerged cities, and study what remains of the helovx population.

Livestock engineered to feed populace; grain aquaponics begins.

2087 – Twentieth Year of the Second Gen

Dubol-Jixak, 2088
First Bluzsh established; Garden Clubs appear.
Nux Bloom cultivated; first foodapaxo open.
First transportsStyle Houses appear; alcohol introduced

Dubol – Jixak, 2089
Patch Collection begins among the Second Gen; they are twenty-two years of age.

Planned Ramaxian Generations fail to produce the Third Ramaxian Generation.

Bacteria infects the production of the Third Ramaxian Gen, causing eighty-percent of the fertilized zygotes to be aborted naturally, by Zaxiri. The remaining unplanted zygotes are destroyed.

Fusaxica is created; Uymtik and the Bakila introduced to surface ecosystem; First Dirtox Rally is held; first femvelaki performancesErotic media is created and traded; construction of the Greenland hydro dam begins; Second Patch Collection amongst the Second Gen occurs – they are twenty-eight years of age.

Dubol 5, 2095
First Generation Steps down from Rule

The Second Ramaxian Generation (the Reaping Gen) come to power at age 23; Primary Yam Kul, and her Committee of Five (Po Banto, Gor Uym, Vima Dag, Tal Wram, and Fusada Jyr), are twenty-two years of age when they ascend.

Planned Ramaxian Generations fail to produce the Fourth Ramaxian Generation.

A bacteria infects the donux production of a Fourth Ramaxian Gen.

Subiz 1 – Buxol 20, 2096
Subaxir Honorary Hibernation

Every Second Gen hibernates on the Ortosk Plains as a show of solidarity to the breeding castes.

Death of the Ramax and First Generations.

Every member of the elder Ramax and First Generations of Ramaxia collectively die in their paxicol during the hibernation month of Hizaxir (October); there is a malfunction in col-tan disbursement that floods every paxicol in Ramaxia. 

Femaki`xirpaxul is taken offline; kyrsat is discovered.
Ramaxian World Oceans founded; First Prime-Glide is built (called the Hibax); 

Yulitat, 2099
Third Census taken; first Generational-Recombination and Patch Collection.

There are 20,142 citizens in the Second Ramaxian Gen. 

Figures calculated are:

  • 6,042 Zaxiri
  • 6,038 Subaki
  • 4,028 Bizaki
  • 3,021 Hizaki
  • 1,007 Marixi

The base genetic material of the Original Subjects is used as a base upon which donuxi of the next gen, will be created. Patch collection begins among all living Second Gens; they are thirty-one years of age.

2100-2101 First Two-Year Production
Planned Ramaxian Generations produce the Fifth Ramaxian Generation. It is a two-year production, and the first Gen to be produced independently of the Femaki`xirpaxul. There 24,168 live births. 25% Subak, 25% Bizak, 20% Zaxir, 20% Hizak, and 10% Marix –99.8% survive infancy. 

They will be called the Robust Generation, because of the unprecedented mortality rate, their civic accomplishments, and their global outreach to helovxi.

Femtrux wakes; creatives the Collective.
Kyron Energy is developed; RIO is founded
Kenyan Island Incident; the Mormon Incident.

Two helovx in cruise ships arrive off the northern coast, between the southern island continent of Brasilia and the West Islands. Out of fuel, they are barred from making landfall. The Hizaki elite of Mynu orders them stranded, so a study can be made of the breakdown of helovxi, in times of bottleneck, starvation, and dehydration. After two years, the ships are sunk by the Polar Navy, when the last helovx remaining, die.

2120-2121 – The Fifth Gen experiences a two-year Twentieth Year.

2124 – Digicasting begins in Pikalit; first Prime Citizen held.

Yulitat 5, 2123
Second Generation steps down

Weary of Rule, the Reaping Gen steps down, handing over Ramaxia to the Fifth Gen; they are twenty-two and twenty-three years of age. The Fifth Ruling Platform is led by Primary Pitana Kul, and her Committee of Fyla Banto, Fusada Uym, Wram Dag, Laxum Wram, and Eppis Jyr.