Helovx Time of Transition

February 2019
Russian Drones reach the Eastern Shore of Lake Vostok.

Robotic cameras sent in are interrupted by electromagnetic interference from a structure on the lake’s eastern shore. Cameras are brought back up until a better means of exploration can be carried out. Widening of the borehole commences on the surface, in anticipating for Russian scientists return.

April 2019
Femaki’xirpaxul begins quarantine procedures.

The Femaki’xirpaxul enacts a quarantine protocol, releasing a blanket of plasma energy over the amniotic lake housing GEN#592760912400.10 when oxygen from the surface is detected.

December 2019
Coronavirus Pandemic Begins

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), leads to severe socioeconomic disruption throughout the world. A record global recession begins as populations must quarantine at home.

January 2020
Russian scientists return to Antarctica, drone exploration renews.

Two deep-sea drones explore the expanse over Lake Vostok. Live feeds are viewed on the surface and transmitted to government observers in Russia, China, and the United States.

February 2020
Femaki’xirpaxul engages Defensive Protocol; the Vostok Discovery.

Artificial contact disrupts the energy field around the Femaki’xirpaxul’s amniotic lake, sending an electromagnetic pulse over the expanse.

Observers lose contact with both drones, sending a final drone that returns covered with water from Lake Vostok’s eastern deep. Microbes in the ice-hardened samples measure over 600 million years old–an impossibility since they believe the lake itself to be 65 million years old.

March 2020
Researchers at Vostok Base abandoned.

Russian government allocates funding of polar, space, and marine research to the ‘Project Ural Wall,’ a cooperative and covert survival program designed to preserve the Slavic peoples through times of pandemic and natural disasters.

August 2020
Femaki’xirpaxul engages Gen Destruction Protocol.

The Femaki’xirpaxul discovers human born pathogen; begins the destruction of GEN#592760912400.10, and enacts immunity protocols for GEN#592760912400.11

November – December 2020
United States Elections and Delayed Transition

The United States Elects a new president amidst unfounded accusations of voter fraud by the opposition. A delayed transition of power weakens the economy and causes widespread social unrest.

December 11, 2020
Vaccines for COVID-19 developed.

World governments inoculate medical personnel, along with foodservice and other citizens deemed vocationally essential.

January 2021
In space, the meteor (7341) 1991 VK strikes the asteroid 433 Eros, in orbit around Mars.

A privately-owned space conglomerate launches the Sentinel Space Telescope to learn more about the Eros collision; scientists project a near-miss situation, but media outlets caution the public.

February 2-20, 2021
The newly elected President of the United States survives an assassination attempt.

Investigation reveals a domestic attack funded by the former President and seven members of the United States Senate.

March 5, 2021
Russian scientists at Vostok deploy a stellar exploration drone.

A drone from NASA, created for Mars exploration, is delivered to Vostok Basecamp. The drone is deployed and returns three days later, with footage of the cavern and a large metallic structure on the shore. The remains of destroyed drones lay in the lake shallows’ slush and six large and elongated pods.

June 2021
Asteroid 433 Eros bound for the Moon

Planet-wide panic begins when various media outlets report that the impending debris of asteroid 433 Eros may strike the Moon.

Russia breaks diplomatic ties worldwide as NATO discovers fortifications built around the Ural Mountains, financed by the State of Israel, Poland, Slovakia, and Ukraine.

July 3, 2021
Iran launches Verethragna.

When scientists predict a chunk of 433 Eros may strike Iran, the nation launches the Verethragna. Meant to serve as a Mars orbiter, the Verethragna, now loaded with contact-warheads, is set on a collision course with the debris of 433 Eros.

August 2021
Eros alters Moon’s perigee; Femakixirpaxul begins transphasic exit.

The Verethragna veers off course within 20 hours of deployment, floating past the Moon, on the opposite side of fragment Eros 433.

Fragment Eros 433 flies close enough to the Moon to alter its orbit.

Tidal changes and severe weather begin on the planet, disrupting shipping and inundating coasts worldwide.

The Femaki’xirpaxul halts its Destruction Protocol to enact Transitional Protocol. The intelligence calculates a 150-day pause from gen-destruction to allocate power and resources that will hasten transphasic relocation.

September – December 2021
Worldwide unrest.

Societal order breaks down as the media predicts a catastrophic impact event; China closes its borders; the United States’ vice-president becomes President and nationalizes corporations and private holdings to protect the populace. Mass evacuations and unrest plague nations throughout the globe.

January 20, 2022
Eros Impact Event

The broken portion of Eros 433 strikes the Arabian Sea around Oman, Iran, and Pakistan. The impact-diameter measured 2.2 miles and delivered an estimated energy equivalent of 55 teratons of TNT.

March 2022
Operation Relocate begins

A confederation of wealthy citizens amasses a private army and accompany hired contractors to Antarctica. Volcanic eruptions in the Transantarctic Mountains delay developing a sustainable powerbase in lands held by the United States.

May 18, 2022
Chinese government falls

After a coup removes vital members of the Chinese government, the One-Nation Collective, comprised of wealthy magnates from China and other inundated cities throughout East Asia, amass a private army along China’s mountainous western borders in Bhutan and Nepal.

The One Nation Collective allows no one harboring religious beliefs to enter their land, dominated now by East Asian refugees from Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Japan, and Thailand. Indian, Pakistani, and other western Asian refugees discover that the One-Nation Collective has mined all walkable passes in the Himalayan Mountains.

July 2022
Communications cease throughout Antarctica.

Marines of Operation Relocate escort surveyors onto Antarctica’s exposed coasts; unable to contact any established base on the continent, they venture inland and are attacked and killed by ‘black-eyed fighters.’

October 12, 2022
Project Noah launches its ships.

Two Quantum Class cruise ships, each carrying 3000 Mormon children ranging in age 0-10, and 1500 Mormon caregivers, sets sail. A third Quantum Class joins them, carrying 500 military-trained men and enough supplies to last decades at sea.

December 30, 2022
Operation Relocate co-opted by the United States.

The United States apprehends key figures of Operation Relocate, tracking their last known location to Antarctica. They discover the eastern portion of the continent to be the most stable habitable zone on the planet. Cruise-Cargo Hybrid Freighter Benjamin Franklin sets sail, accompanied by USS Alexandria and USS Gary, to set up long term shelter.

May 2023
The Saharan Exodus Ends

Post-impact earthquakes lay waste to major cities in Turkey and Bulgaria. Massive flooding during 2022 destroys coastal cities after bolide debris from the Impact wipes out the populations in western Asia and northeastern Africa.

Millions of displaced Italians, along with Greek, and Bulgarian refugees, are airlifted to far western North Africa by the fleeing Turks at year’s end. In the Sahara, they encounter hundreds of thousands of refugees from Britain and western Europe.

December 15, 2023
Humanity learns of the Femmar.

Australian scouts record a bloody fight among thousands of bald, muscular beings in Antarctica’s interior. After the battle, those left standing gather and trek toward the mountains. Two remain and stare-down the recording drone; covered in blood is thirteen-year-old Femitokon, with twin Fusofitakil at her side – they are the first femmar seen up close by humans.

December 22, 2023
Femmar attack Humanity.

On the morning of December 22, 2023, the USS Gary sends four F-35 fighter jets to search for the alien females along the coast. The jets are hampered by poor visibility due to volcanic activity and begin scouting east. One calls in a report of ‘a fat and naked woman’ lying injured on the ground; the last communication from an F-35 is a frantic call for help, citing an attack by one of their own.

On the evening of December 22, 2023, the USS Gary is invaded by ‘alien female hostiles’ who kill the bridge crew and soldiers and seize the ship. The USS Gary fires on the Alexandria, destroying her. A group of “large strange-skinned females” boards the Benjamin Franklin, killing every man on board. Female members of the crew and female civilians remain unharmed. The Franklin attempts to sail back to Hawaii, but volcanic and extreme seismic activity creates a mega wave that sinks the Franklin.

February 2, 2024
The Thermobaric Cleansing

In the face of religious and racial sanctions, violence erupts among the masses of refugees situated in and around the Himalayan Mountains. The One-Nation Collective launch two nuclear warheads, one in Nepal and the other in Bhutan; they eradicate Southwest and Southeast Asia’s last peoples.

October 31, 2024
Ural Wall completed.

Scaling a height of one-thousand feet and encompassing over thirty-thousand square miles, the concrete wall surrounds settlements of Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, and Slovak, Jews.

November 27, 2024
Texas-Terreon Massacre

The federal government of the United States disbands as its leaders join various populations sequestered in survivor compounds. States left to self-rule begin fortifying their borders and enacting their safety protocols.

Texas, the most populated of territories, militarizes its southern border when climate refugees from Central and South America enter Mexico. When the Mexican government falls, Texas sends Air Force fighters to strike at convoys of refugees moving north.

In Torreón, state forces open fire on refugees and the armed military escorting them. Over 65,000 are slaughtered, along with those wealthy refugees that altered their path and made it as far as Big Bend National Park, along the Texas Border.

February 14, 2025
Valentine’s Day Eruption

A full-scale eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano in North America occurred on February 14, 2025, at 2 a.m. Millions are killed throughout the United States and Canada.

February and March 2025
The Dark Years begin.

By the winter of 2025, shock production of carbon dioxide caused by the destruction of carbonate rocks during the impact led to an immediate greenhouse effect that melted ice caps in the polar north and the West Antarctica Ice-Sheet. Decades followed with bolide dust and molten particles polluting the atmosphere.

Circa January 1, 2026
The Human Era on Earth ends.

Despite warring factions making their mark throughout the Dark Years, rumors abound that the last technologically capable humans succumb to a nuclear reactor melt-down behind the Ural Wall sometime in the 2040s.

Beyond 2045, human transmissions cease to broadcast.