Zaxiri Exile & the Marixi Purge

At the start of 2023, Hizak subject Wramtol called for the removal of every Zaxiri in the research settlements around the Femaki’xirpaxul. Noting that the Zaxiri caused social distraction amongst those Hizaki assigned to recover information from the Femaki’xirpaxul, the plump subjects were turned out of the settlements.

The Zaxiri then migrated to the manufacturing villages and mining camps in the Gulidox Hills. Sexually mature and somewhat promiscuous at age 13, the Zaxiri soon clashed socially with the Subaki, most of whom had become romantic companions of the Bizaki living at Gulidox. Subaki leaders Veldag and Yiravi petitioned Bizaki leader Pekada, to oust the Zaxiri, prompting Zaxir leader Jyrulix (coupled to a pair of Hizak, but still living within the Femaki`xirpaxul) to demand respect for her caste; she suggested that the Subaki should leave the settlements and reside with the Hizaki. When Pekada considered sending the Subaki to the Hizaki, the Bizaki at Gulidox protested; many gathered up Zaxiri on their own and forcibly turned them out.

Faced with mounting Bizaki hostility, the Zaxiri turned to Fusofitakil. The prime Hizak sat with Zaxiri leaders Jyrulix, Crizatol and Lozkul, and confided in them her plan to send the Subaki to the surface; she presented a fictional report from Femitokon, complaining that her Marixi were lonely without the companionship of the others. Crizatol and Lozkul decried Fusofitakil’s plan (as she hoped they would) and declared it a Zaxiri duty to care for the Marixi, sexually. Jyrulix didn’t believe Fusofitakil, and demanded to speak with Femitokon herself; Fusofitakil, however, made sure a false narrative spread through the Zaxiri by way of those Bizaki working with Marixi on the surface. Many Zaxiri began venturing to the surface without consulting Jyrulix. Finding the pre-teen Marixi on the surface exciting and unpredictable, nearly every Zaxiri migrated to the surface, some taking their Hizaki lovers.

Femitokon was at first grateful; those Marixi that had been contemplating returning below immediately settled in with the robust Zaxiri, but instead of benefiting from the structural guidance of those Hizaki that had come with them, social problems arose. Hizaki were intellectually territorial; emotionally thick-skinned, they insulted one another verbally without issue–but doing so in the presence of passionate Zaxiri and fight-prone Marixi, led to elevated grudge matches that threatened cohesion.

In Bamx, 2023, the Femaki’xirpaxul detected a pressure build-up in a super-volcano in the Northern Hemisphere. Fusofitakil had anticipated the nonpolar helovx returning if geologically compromised. Venturing to the surface, she formulated a plan with Femitokon to confront the helovx. Fusofitakil’s sudden involvement in Marixi command decisions disturbed the leading surface Hizak, Ulatbant. Plays of power between Fusofitakil’s tribe of devotees on the surface, and Ulatbant’s own peers, sowed discord amongst the Marixi close to them. Things came to a head in Ixax when Ulabant confronted Fusofitakil over a trivial plan to send a temporary battalions to the western coast. Being unlike other Hizaki, Fusofitakil struck Ulatbant. Tulaxakil, the Marix lover of Ulatbant, tried to assault Fusofitakil. The Hizak managed to hold her own, until the arrival of Balrusok. Balrusok beat Tulaxakil, until their fight was broken up by Femitokon and Dagitat.

Shortly after the incident, an attempt on Fusofitakil’s life killed her advisor, a Bizak named Tavridox. Femitokon called for Ulatbant to come forward. Tulaxakil denied Femitokon access to Ulatbant. Those loyal to Femitokon rushed Tulaxakil, and forcibly brought the defiant Hizak before Femitokon. Tulaxakil and her followers put up a fight, demanding Fusofitakil be handed over. Femitokon reacted violently. Attacking Tulaxakil, Femitokon killed her. All of them were stunned, and when Ulatbant rushed in and attempted to rouse sentiment among those loyal to Tulaxakil, Femitokon took hold of her head and snapped her neck. The incident upset the social balance among the Marixi, and turned all of the surface Hizaki against Fusofitakil.

In Jixak 2023, Fusofitakil and Femitokon called all Hizaki from the surface to meet with the subglacial Hizaki, on the western shores of the Vosktulak. Femitokon declared that no more bouts of tribal warfare among Hizaki could turn her caste into pawns. Though they all agreed, Fusofitakil leaked a plan that would cull Femitokon of her problematic sisters, to Hizaki she didn’t trust. Femitokon’s spies among the Marixi made a list of those Hizaki that returned to the surface warning of the plan to their Marixi followers. On Yulitat 15, 2023, all 18,425 Marixi subjects marched to a secluded area on the ice. All of them arrived with weapons. Pack leaders agreed to engage in hand to hand combat, as all 4,085 surface Hizaki (along with Fusofitakil), watched. The violence lasted over twelve hours, with Femitokon and roughly fifty-four hundred others survived. The troublesome Marixi eliminated, Fusofitakil walked to Femitokon and handed her written lists of the Hizaki that had made Femitokon’s enemies aware of her plan. Femitokon addressed her surviving pack leaders and gave them all the list of names. The surviving Marixi set upon the Hizaki until only a 1,000 remained. The subglacial Hizaki elite never forgave Fusofitakil for turning on her own, but the surviving one-thousand Hizak and the remaining Marixi swore allegiance to Fusofitakil and Femitokon.

Fusofitakil’s fears of helovx returning became realized when a helicopter moved past them low, covering the carnage. Thirteen-year old Femitokon, covered in blood and with Fusofitakil at her side, were the first femmar seen by millions of helovx via broadcast.