Vosk`tulak Awakening

On Dubol 31, 2022, six subjects of GEN#592760912400.10 awaken from an evolutionary-hibernation program. Femitokon (fem-eye-tow-kon) (Marix) and Fusofitakil (foo-so-fee-tah-kill) (Hizak), Veldag (vell-dag) (Subak), Uymras (yoom-razz) (Hizak), Pekada (peck-ah-dah) (Bizak), and Jyrulix (year-ool-icks) (Zaxir) are physically ten years of age.

They awaken knowing their own names, and introduce themselves (only Femitokon and Fusofitakil know each other without introduction). Walking the cavern shore, they discover small machinery wreckage and trace the debris path back to an ice-blocked borehole. Breaking through the ice, they climb up through the hole. On the surface they encounter a dozen alien creatures wintering in an inadequate structure. After approaching the structure, an armed man fires a projectile that strikes Femitokon. It does not pierce her hide but angers her. Femitokon attacks the man, killing him. Realizing they’re stronger than the creatures, Veldag and Fusofitakil enter the shelter first, and find fourteen others huddled inside. Fusofitakil tries speaking to them, but they do not speak her language. The more they talk, however, the quicker the subjects understand them. In the hours that pass, all six become fluent in communicating in the creatures’ language.

While Pekada and Fusofitakil attempt to access the base computers, Uymras and Veldag begin examining the creatures, noticing their gender first. When one of them men protest and shove Uymras, Femitokon breaks his neck. Veldag diffuses the situation by telling the creatures they must study them, to help them survive the winter. Upon finding a pregnant woman, Uymras surmises that these creatures differing genders is how they reproduce. Jyrulix, hostile from the start around the creatures, demands that Femitokon kill all the males. Veldag advocates for the men, and convinces Uymras they are worth studying. Pekada, meanwhile, believes these humans to be somewhat intelligent and thinks their technology will be useful in learning more about the planet. Fusofitakil allows Pekada to take one of them back below, but they soon discover that humans cannot go back with them under the ice, due to their fragile pressure intolerance. Uymras abandons her interest in them at this point, and convinces Jyrulix to return with her below, to explore the cavern.

Pekada is enthusiastic about their technology and hopes to access their computers and learn more about them. Fusofitakil and Veldag work together to design a more secure structure so that their “helovx,” can survive, and task Femitokon with helping them tear down portions of the existing structure to rebuild; its the only way to keep her from killing any more of them. After a week, Veldag begins to show signs of sickness. Fusofitakil orders her to return below. Veldag joins Uymras in examining the cavern in where they woke, and finds her sickness dissipating. On the surface, Pekada learns from the base computers that the helovx are the dominant species. The planet just endured a major impact event, this species is in chaos, and their future uncertain.

After days of getting to know one another, Veldag, Uymras, and Jyrulix bond, and begin exploring larger portions of the cave. On the eastern shore they find a structure sticking out of the rock. No way in, they explore the lagoon around it and discover a pod like theirs floating on the surface. They watch in horror as it hatches, and the subject, large like Jyrulix, drowns after breaking free of it. Uymras recalls Femitokon, Fusofitakil, and Pekada after another pod surfaces. Later, the pod hatches and a subject like Femitokon emerges, and tries to swim for shore. When the subjects grows weak and begins to drown, Femitokon jumps in to save her, but the waters of the Vostulak prove dangerous as Femitokon loses consciousness. Fusofitakil risks her life to pull Femitokon to safety, keeping her head above water, despite its vapors making her weak.

On Ramx 4, 2022, Pekada, using plow equipment dismantled and dropped in pieces from the surface, builds a makeshift crane, with a claw. When the lake’s tide goes out, Pekada along with Fusofitakil and Femitokon, pluck twenty-eight pods from the shallows. The pods hatch immediately, and twenty-five subjects survive.

There are six like Pekada: Ilogwo (eye-low-goo-woh), Uymdak (yoom-dack), Dizukel (diss-oo-kell), Yawramx (y-all-ram-sk), Dubgax (duhb-gacks), and Haluxikon (hall-ooks-ee-kon). There are four like Jyrulix: Galiyusok (gal-ee-oo-sock), Lozkul (loss-kall), Tavriholix (tav-ree-hall-iks), and Crizatol (kris-ah-toll). Veldag finds four like her also: Yulitax (yoo-lee-tacks), Bulatgwo (boo-lah-tah-goo-woh), Ryoacari (r-eye-oh-ah-kar-ee), and Yiravi (yeer-ah-vee). There are only five like Uymras, they are Yirukel (yeer-oo-kell), Bantol (ban-toll), Ublazag (yoo-blah-sag), Myanu (my-an-oo), and Wramtal (ram-t-all), and though the others take to Fusofitakil, they do not feel she is one of them. Fusofitakil finds that there are already six like Femitokon: Balrusok (ball-roo-sock), Dagitat (dah-jee-tat), Zixkul (sicks-kall), Potax (poh-tacks), Tiskol (tisk-koll), and Kaxital (kacks-eet-al)–and she is not like them, either.


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