The Dark Years

The Dark Years defines the time during which Ramaxicon (Earth) endured a combined impact and volcanic winter. Solar radiation failed to penetrate the atmosphere, and intense tectonics and tidal devastation altered the planet’s geography. It is recorded by helovx scholars as beginning March of 2025 and ending approximately sixty years later, in the early 2080’s.

no_image_available_3When the Eros impactor hit the Ugataxol (Arabian Sea), it caused a global heat pulse that created vast quantities of water vapor and carbon dioxide. This burning off of the waters led to a concentrated greenhouse effect, melting Ramaxicon’s non-polar glaciers within a year.

Plate tectonics aggravated by Ixco’s orbital shift resulted in massive volcanic eruptions throughout the planet. In 2025, the Yellowstone Caldera in North America erupted, killing millions that had evacuated to the interior to escape rising seas and flooding rivers. Subsequent hydrothermal explosions at Yosemite led to massive bedrock collapse in the central portion of the Rocky Mountains while the eruption itself released mass quantities of regolith into the planet’s atmosphere.

Volcanic ash and sulfuric acid in the atmosphere blocked Suva’s rays and raised Ramaxicon’s albedo. It set off a long-term cooling effect that destroyed crops and livestock, depleting the resources governments required to sustain control of the populace. In the two years following the Eros Impact of 2022, 62% of over 7.7 million helovx, perished. During the Dark Years post-eruption, 87% of the surviving population died due to natural and helovxi-made disasters, environmental pollution, starvation, disease, and violence over resources.

4 Years Following Eros Impact

  • Submerged North Atlantic
    (Great Britain, Scandinavia, and Baltics overtook by oceanic deluge)
  • Chinese Govt Falls/Thermobaric Cleansing
    (One Nation Collective forms/enacts genocide against refugees)
  • Operation Relocate Fails
    (Key U.S. officials listed Missing; without government, states take over their own borders. Governments and Military resources emerge in population centers in the Appalachians, state of Texas, the Plains, and the Rocky Mountains.
  • Rising Mediterranean leads to Saharan Exodus
    (Tidal flooding of Mediterranean drowns cities and causes earthquakes in Turkey.)
    (Displaced Italian, Greek, and Bulgarian refugees are airlifted to North Africa by Turks; they are met by western European climate refugees.)
  • Texas-Terreon Massacre
    (millions of climate refugees from the Central and South America are murdered in Mexico by organized military from the state of Texas.)

The Dark Years – Events noted by Helovx

    • Mass extinctions of various land mammals – 2020s-2080s
  • Ural Wall Completed 2027
    • Slavs began the Wall in 2020, anticipating destructive earth changes.
  • Gabonese refugees encounter the Femmar – 2028
    • Gabonese fleeing Congolese migrations flee Africa on the Atlantic. After surviving hurricanes and storm, they encounter a battalion of Marixi scouting the waters near the Southern Ocean. The Marixi encounter violence, killing every man and boy, they guide the women and girls safely to South America.
  • Bands of Maori organize at Aoraki 2030-35
    • All non-Maori are murdered or purged from the island of New Zealand.
  • The Nigerian Wars 2030-2042
    • Refugees from Western Europe, Greece, Bulgaria, and Turkey are alarmed at the arrival of Nigerian and Congolese peoples into the Sahara, where rainfall now occurs weekly. Culture and racial divisions spark skirmishes that soon erupt into all out warfare. The war ends when the peoples of sub-saharan Africa surrender, but are then slaughtered by the settlers.
  • Meltdown at Mount Kamen- 2038
    • 2/3 of what’s left of the Slavic population dies due to a meltdown of their only operational nuclear power plant, at Mount Kamen.
  • The last known recorded helovx broadcast – 2040
  • Widespread Cannibalism threatens helovx survival – 2050s
    • Genetic Bottleneck – roughly 7k helovx living between the poles
  • Avian and marine life rebounds in the – 2050’s
    • Due to extensive genetic engineering by Ramaxia
  • Seaweed cultivated in Asia, South America, and New Zealand – 2052
  • Volcanic activity ceases after Hawaii is destroyed – 2055
  • Religious factions form in Africa –  2055-65
    • As geological stability sets in, the growing Eurasian refugee population spreads out across the main island of Africa.
      • Islam dominates the North
      • Eastern Orthodox Catholicism takes hold in the west
      • Catholic-Protestant League forms in the South
  • Global tectonic and volcanic activity settles – 2060s
    • Root farming begins throughout the planet
  • Global Tides become standardized 2060s
    • Isolated whaling and fishing starts
  • National identities established as populations come together – 2060s
    • New Zeland becomes Aotearoa
    • South America becomes Brasilia
    • Asia is named Yazhou, and One-Nation is called Jungwa
  • A North American government is created – 2072
    • Appalachia, Midland, and the Texan Territory become 
      the North American Union
  • Zealand Uprising – 2074
    • Australian ships arrive on Aotearoa to raid natural
      resources, and are attacked by Maori. Maori forced
      flee into the mountains.
  • Ash Depletion allows farming in North America – Late 2070s
    • Subsoil healthy enough to support small-scale farming
  • Reports of sunlight seen throughout the globe  – 2085
    • Sporadic hours of sun lead to full days in the late 2080’s
  • First Ramaxian Flier Seen – 2186
    • Contact is made with Femarctic geological scouts by Maori tribes.
  • Kenyan Incident leads to formation of a Theocracy 2188 – 2190s
    • After a fight erupts over fresh water left behind by a Ramaxian lifeform, the Marixi assigned feel threatened and attack the hostiles from the Catholic-Protestant League. The League sends their entire army, the largest on the continent, and it is wiped out by one battalion of Marixi and their energy weapons. 
    • The power vacuum created by the destruction of the Catholic-Protestant League allows the Eastern Orthodox Catholics and Islamic peoples to come together and merge their religion into one; the Eurislam Orthodoxy comes to govern its people in the years following.


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