The Battle of Ramax’takal

A peaceful hibernation followed the violence of the Marixi Purge. In Yulitat 2023, the surviving Marixi and exiled Zaxiri returned below to find that the Subaki and Bizaki had created residences, villages, and the first vestiges of a community. While the Marixi continued to struggle socially, Zaxiri had learned some restraint and came to be considered a welcome intrusion. The Hizaki elite that had survived the purge allied themselves with Fusofitakil, and took leadership positions among the Marixi. On Yulitat 12, 2023, eighty Hizaki led battalions of Marixi departed the continent to assess the waters of the globe, coastal life, and the declining helovx. As Bizaki busied themselves with subglacial exploration, and the breeding castes worked to establish social harmony, Femitokon and her most trusted Marixi returned to the surface, forced to contend with the arrival of helovx from North America.

On Yulitat 22, 2023, two warships and a private cruise vessel arrived off the southwestern coast of the Ramax’takal (ram-acks | tack-all) Range. Though some of their best leaders had been dispatched elsewhere, Femitokon and Fusofitakil formulated a plan to rid the poles of helovx. (Balrusok was assisting the Bizaki along the Artery, while Potax and Kaxital had left the continent to explore Ramaxicon).

Femitokon chose her best swimmer, Zixkul, to traverse the Ramax’takal Sea with her team of divers. Zixkul and team were to board the cruise vessel covertly and sabotage its mechanical propulsion system. Femitokon then ordered a shrewd but brutal Marix named Boszag to take eighteen others, and capture one of the warships off the coast.


Meanwhile, two miles east of Concordia, Dagitat and crew of Marixi spotted four jets from one of the warships, hurling past their position. Bizak Dizukel could see that the fliers operated with a single helovx pilot. Using her Zaxir lover, Galiyusok, Dagitat tricked one of the jets into making a landing. Upon landing, the pilot emerged to tend to what he thought was an human survivor on the ice; as he stepped from the plane, Dagitat burst out of the snow and broke his neck. Finding the craft idling, Dizukel got inside and located its firing mechanism. The blast excited the Marixi, and Dagitat, overcome by its power, pulled Dizukel from the cockpit and strapped herself into the pilot seat. Gaining control, Dagitat took to the air, and after a series of clumsy maneuvers, got control of the flier and blasted off toward the coast.

Fusofitakil had accompanied Femitokon and her battalion of Marixi as they moved west. Manned jets appeared on the horizon, and flying past, they turned around and began to fire. Unable to target in whiteout conditions, no femmar on the ground was hurt. Coming in high was a jet piloted by Dagitat. Dagitat confronted the two fighters, destroying them. When the third attacked, it struck Dagitat’s wing. Unwilling to crash into the ice, Dagitat steered about and slammed her flier into the attacking jet, destroying them both. Incited by Dagitat’s death, Femitokon and her battalion ran for the coast.

Boszag and her unit had seized the command center of the first warship, and upon seeing Femitokon and her troops on the beach, used the ship’s offensive programming to attack the other warship. Boszag then scuttled the cruiser by setting off a charge in its hull.

The private boat, filled with the political elite of a nation called the United States, attempted to leave but found their ship crippled. Investigating the problem, they found their lower decks overrun with Marixi. After Zixkul took control of the Cruiser, she brought it to the coast so that Fusofitakil and Femitokon could board. Killing all of the men, Femitokon allowed the women of the vessel to survive. Ordering them to leave southern waters and never return, Femitokon and Fusofitakil allowed one of the survivors to record a message with her handheld device: Femitokon declared, “Humanity must never return to the poles, the ice hates you as much as we do,” but Fusofitakil remained diplomatic: “Ramaxicon is our world now. Your species is dying, go peacefully.


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