Sleeping Sickness

At the start Subiz, 2022, in the midst of the exploration of the Prime Ramax and trying to break into the Femakixirpaxul, the original subjects and the shored fell asleep in what was the first hibernation.

It began beneath the ice with Pekada and Veldag, the first to fall into a deep sleep from which they could not be woken. Those that hadn’t gone to the surface, Dizukel, Yawramx, and Haluxikon, soon succumbed to sleep. When subjects Yulitax, Bulatgwo, Ryoacari, and Yiravi fell asleep, Uymras, Yirukel, Bantol, and Wramtal assured them that their sisters were physically healthy, just sleeping. Concerned, subjects Galiyusok, Lozkul, Tavriksakil, and Crizatol, carried Veldag, Yulitax, Bulatgwo, Ryoacari, and Yiravi, to a safer part of the cavern, far away from the structure that the others were desperate to breach.

Four weeks later, everyone beneath the ice was asleep.

En route to rejoin the exploration scouts, Dagitat was forced carry a sleeping Zixkul to the far north to Maitri Station where she found Ublazag and Myanu, fretting over Uymdak, Dubgax, and Ilogwo. The trio had fallen asleep and would not wake. Elsewhere, Femitokon and Tiskol halted their purge of helovx from the southwestern coast to carry sleeping Kaxital and Potax back to the tunnel base at Concordia camp where Fusofitakil and Balrusok were slumbering so deep they could not be woken. Twenty days later, Femitokon and Tiskol, as well as Dagitat and the others in the north, fell to the sleeping sickness.

Pekada awoke in Buxol, along with the other laborers and their curvy sisters. The inquisitors and their fat sisters did not wake up. On the surface, Balrusok and Fusofitakil woke and stood vigil over their sleeping brutes until the arrival of Uymdak, Dubgax, and Ilogwo, led by Zixkul; they’d arrived carrying Dagitat, Ublazag, and Myanu, on sleds, still sleeping.

All were awake by Yulitat, recharged emotionally and physically; none were able to explain what happened.


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