Femakixirpaxul is Breached

After studying human cultural media found on bases throughout the Prime Ramax, many inquisitives and laborers theorized that they might be an alien race. Fusofitakil disagreed, citing their anatomy and nervous system indicative of life on the planet. All agreed that the structure on the lake would have answers. Soon enough, laborers and brutes tunneled out a portion of the sand rock around the structure, revealing several closed entryways. When Femitokon failed to beat her way in, Fusofitakil ordered the use of dynamite brought down from the Vostok Camp.

On Yulitat (December), 15, 2022, they detonated the dynamite and blasted a hole in one of the structure’s circular entryways. When brawny Potax attempted to enter, she walked into a current of unseen energy that knocked her across the sand. Uymras revived Potax but warned Femitokon that continued exposure to the intense energy would be fatal. On the last day of Yulitat, a curvy subject named Veldag walked up one of the exposed entryways and asked politely if she could come in. The crowd around her laughed until a disembodied voice introduced itself as the Femaki`xirpaxul (the mother of you all). In that same moment, all of the circular entryways opened, and the energy shields dropped.

Inside the facility were hundreds of interface rooms and laboratories. There were vast stores of seed stock, and a massive database with information regarding the young femmar and their ancestors. Pekada interfaced with the intelligence by speaking to it the way Veldag did; the life form told her of their castes, and what purpose each caste served. Pekada and the others learned that the Sleeping Sickness was merely a hibernation cycle; they would have one hibernation cycle every calendar year. Bizaki and Subaki first, then the Hizaki and Zaxiri. The Marixi slept divided among them.

After speaking to Pekada, Uymras, Veldag, and Jyrulix, the Femaki`xirpaxul scanned Femitokon. The Marix demanded to know what was wrong and the Femaki’xirpaxul indicated that her DNA underwent an evolution outside of her production parameters. Finding Femitokon healthy, the Femaki’xirpaxul addressed each of the Shored, but failed to recognize Fusofitakil. When Fusofitakil introduced herself, the Femaki’xirpaxul scanned her; there was nothing in her creation-files for Fusofitakil.

After establishing trust, Fusofitakil attempted to study the remaining pods on the Vostulak and told the Femaki’xirpaxul of her intention to wake them. Later, Fusofitakil was suddenly barred from entry, with no explanation from the Femaki’xirpaxul as to why. Working through Pekada, the pair isolated the command controlling the benthic platform at bottom of the lagoon. Raising it, Pekada and the other bizaki positioned it over the shore, allowing for the removal of hundreds of thousands of pods. While they worked, the waters of the Vostulak turned toxic; destroying thousands of pods remaining in the depths.

The original and the shored managed to salvage 115,000 pods; the remaining 300,000 were destroyed.

After many weeks and careful talks, Pekada, Yirukel, Ilogwo, Myanu, Wramtol and Fusofitakil, negotiated with the Femaki’xirpaxul for manual access to her facility. In the months to follow, thousands of subjects entered the structure and parsed its knowledge on genetics, culture, and infrastructure.