Exploration of the Prime Ramax

Original subject, Fusofitakil, did not fit in with her sister inquisitive’s, though leader Uymras looked to her as their prime liaison to the other castes. Though clearly she was as sharp minded and calculating, her strength and daring matched Femitokon’s, and like the fellow brutes, Fusofitakul was quick to aggression. She’d garnished the loyalty of leading laborer Pekada, and with Femitokon’s loyalty all ready intact, the remaining laborers and brutes considered Fusofitakil a leader.

Fusofitakil’s first job as leader of all was to separate the quarreling Veldag, and Jyrulix; the amity they’d once showed one another had dissipated in the company of their own kind. Her second monumental task was to purge humanity from the Prime Ramax. From Ramx (February) to Jixak (August) of 2022, the original subjects discovered 68 stations and 40 field camps containing over 4,000 helovxi (humans). The humans had been stranded on the surface by their governments in the wake of the Eros Impact Event.

Fusofitakil expressed concerns regarding the innate hostility exhibited by the humans initially encountered at Vostok. In her written journal, the ten-year-old subject noted:

Physically, helovxi are unsuited for life on this continent, but their domination between the poles gives them a false sense of ownership.

Pekada used Vostok’s transistor radio and discovered dozens of bases similar to Vostok, all occupied by humans with no central government in the wake of disasters between the poles. Eager to collect their technology and acquire more information about the planet, she convinced Fusofitakil to allow (bizaki) subjects Uymdak, Dubgax, and Ilogwo, to find these bases and make contact. Refusing to let them go alone, Fusofitakil ordered Femitokon to gather her strongest (marixi): Balrusok, Dagitat, Zixkul, Tiskol, Potax, and Kaxital, to accompany the laborers. Fusofitakil and sister inquisitive’s (hizak) Ublazag and Myanu, joined them, eager to map the surface plateau.

The subjects took along a captive Vostok microbiologist named Lena Winogradsky. Myanu had taken a liking to Winogradsky and treated her kindly at Vostok; upon the ice, however, the inquisitive often threatened Winogradsky with the abusive affections of subject Tiskol if she didn’t coax out those guarding their first target, a Russian base at Mirny. Using Winogradsky as bait, Kaxital and Tiskol made short work of the men guarding the base. When met with resistance inside the base, Potax and Zixkul killed all 48 inhabitants. Plagued with guilt, Winogradsky killed herself by stripping naked and wandering off into the white.

Uncomfortable with how the other subjects felt in the face of marixi violence, Femitokon divided her group into three teams, and gave them each a sector to clear of helovxi (humans). Noting that she and her brutes (and Fusofitakil) were the only ones able to maintain their bearings on the tundra, she convinced the others to remain in Mirny and strip it of information .

Femitokon & Zixkul trekked northwest and encountered resistance at Dome Fuji. Noting the difference in the language of these helovx from the Russians, they murdered most at Fuji, allowing a single escapee, Yuki Ohta, who led them to Halley Station. At this location, Femitokon and Zixkul killed every helovx, this time allowing two to escape. One survivor made it to Kohnen, a base built on steel legs. Here, Zixkul punched her way in from the bottom and slaughter all those sheltering inside. Femitokon tracked the second survivor to coastal Aroa, murdering its inhabitants as they were abandoning it due to high water. When the pair reached Wasa and found it empty, they stalked a caravan of survivors from the inundated Neumeyer and Sanae IV stations. Their destination was Troll Base; built on bedrock with an operational airstrip, the structure was designed to withstand the tundra wind and extreme cold.

Femitokon refrained from attack, displaying a higher level of strategy than her sister-castes:

Noting other migrating groups coming in from the east, Femitokon left the base alone believing it a magnet for other refugees. She and Zixkul attacked Tor Base instead, leaving no survivors. The pair ventured farther north, hoping to intercept the others for a combined attack on Troll once more helovx set up camp there.

The secondary team of Tiskol & Kaxital left Mirny Station and kept to the coast, with hizak Myanu in tow. The first station in their destructive path was Davis, where the pair kicked their way into the structure and slaughtered all 25 helovx in residence. The helovx managed to alert northern stations at Mawson, and when the pair of young marixi arrived (after discovering the abandoned Druzhnaya and killing everyone at Bharati and Zhongshan), the helovx at Mawson Station attempted to surrender. As the trio approached, camp leader Carl Luther emerged waving a white flag. Tiskol didn’t like males and quickly broke his neck. This violence drew gunfire from the base. Taking cover, Kaxital and Tiskol followed Myanu in retreat to a penguin rookery nearby. Myanu came up with a plan to herd thousands of penguins and flood them into the camp’s perimeter. As the penguins rushed in, Kaxital and Tiskol crawled their way through the stampede until safely past the gunmen protecting the base. Punching a hole in the roof, they entered and murdered 14 women before forcing the remaining men to strip. These men died of exposure on the ice.

Mawson Station was left standing because Myanu recognized the satellite antenna as something wanted by bizak subject Dubgax. Finding boats on the coast left by refugees of the sunken Syowa Station, the trio followed the helovx trail to a base camp nearby. Rather than rush the base, the three young femmar laid low in the whiteout for days. After 30 or so more helovx arrived, Kaxital and Tiskol kicked their way through the front doors to discover the inhabitants dead by suicide. Unsettled, the pair of marixi moved to Maitri Station, leaving Myanu behind to learn all she could from its computers. Maitri’s two structure sat in two feet of water like islands. Kaxital swam through the shallow water until she encountered a biologist near one of the windows named Kalpana Varna. Convincing the woman that she and Tiskol were friendly and wished only to help them survive the impending oceanic rise, Kalpana helped the pair through the window.

Inside, Kaxital maintained order among the Indian scientists until Tiskol lost her composure and assaulted one of the men. Outside two marixi encountered Femitokon and Zixkul, and the four of them ventured west with hostage Kalpana Varna, determined to take Troll Station. Femitokon and Zixkul joined them in infiltrating the station, but would not allow them to destroy its structure, as it was a state of the art facility that contained items coveted by Pekada.

Team three comprised of Balrusok, Dagitat, Potax, & Fusofitakil. The four subjects went south and encountered large clusters of helovxi. Though ice levels remained stable, oceanic levels rose and flooded the perimeter of Casey Station with over a foot of slush-water. Dagitat noted its central structure was the color the helovx blood and Fusofitakil, color-blind like the other inquisitives, suggested that its color meant it housed helovx. Potax and Dagitat made ready to attack, but when Fusofitakil noticed migrants on the horizon, she convinced Balrusok and the rest to build a sunken camp in the snow and wait for more to arrive.

As more helovx from base camps far and wide arrived, Potax and Dagitat dug out a fort in the snow and waited with Balrusok and Fusofitakil. When the number of helovx topped off at 43, Potax and Balrusok collected fuel from the bases floating tanks and positioned them in the water around the red structure. To lure out armed helovx, Dagitat climbed the structure and began breaking the high windows and attacking the helovx that appeared on the roof to engage her. After acquiring two rifles and killing three helovx, Dagitat returned to the perimeter where Fusofitakil waited; from there, Fusofitakil took aim and fired at the fuel barrels. The four subjects needed only to watch as the smoke from the burning fuel flooded into the broken windows.

On the first sunset of Ixax (March), the helovx that survived smoke inhalation filtered out into the slush and fled north. As the terror-stricken helovx huddled together on a snow-banked airstrip, Balrusok, Dagitat, and Potax began to eliminate them one at a time until a final woman, Becca Reid, ran into the whiteout to be collected by Fusofitakil. They took Becca Reid to the coast and found Durmont D’Urville flooded with corpses floating between its rooftops; Fusofitakil counted over a hundred.

Journeying west the trio and Reid found many bases flooded due to the decaying Ross Ice Shelf. Fusofitakil surmised that the helovx might have abandoned the coastal structures and urged them inland, north. At Mid-Point Base, Becca Reid succumbed to the elements, and as Balrusok and Fusofitakil debated on what to do with her corpse, Dagitat spotted a sizable migration of helovx moving northeast. The four followed them to Concordia Station, where hundreds of helovx were amassing.

The extreme cold on this part of the plateau wasn’t enough to deter the humans, and Concordia was safe from the rising oceana and swelling rivers; the tundra winds, polluted by volcanic activity in the west, were clean enough that the helovx could survive the winter. Concordia had to fall, but Fusofitakil convinced Balrusok that they needed reinforcements.

All three teams met back at Vostok in mid-Gurtat. Fusofitakil chastised Tiskol and Kaxital for destroying bases that might’ve yielded significant findings, while Femitokon found their violence humorous; she half-heartedly promised her twin to mind the pair on future hunts. Zixkul and Dagitat returned to Mirny to escort the others to bases they’d left intact, wnile Balrusok, Potax, Tiskol, and Kaxital, joined Femitokon and Fusofitakil on the trek back to Concordia.

Digging a larger base camp in the snow, Femitokon ordered Balrusok to begin tunneling toward the base, and stay with Fusofitakil while she studied the helovx residing there. Femitokon then took Potax, Tiskol, and Kaxital westward and from Yubol until the first of Jixak, they came across hundreds of makeshift camps filled with helovx. After murdering them, the four young femmar worked their way closer to the coast; during this time, Kaxital and Potax fell sick with sleep; not long after, every femmar on the surface fell asleep.

After waking from what the other subjects below called the Sleeping Sickness, Femitokon returned to the western coast with Tiskol, Kaxital, Dagitat, and Zixkul. A mile east of McMurdo Station, Femitokon and her team encountered an armed organization of uniformed helovx (pre-arrivals of Operation Relocate). Exhilarated by the challenge, the six hunted and killed all forty-eight soldiers, taking with them their weapons and their recording equipment. The six then split up to corral the civilian survivors that had scattered in the confusion. Attacking a group of helovx women at Vanda Hut, Tiskol met her end when beheaded in an explosion. Enraged, Kaxital punched her way into the shelter, killing everyone. The woman responsible for setting the explosive at the door, Sally Atu, had escaped through a sewage duct and into the white out.

Followed by Femitokon, Dagitat, and Zixkul, Atu reached Concordia unaware that Kaxital was right behind her.

When Atu encountered Fusofitakil on her path to the base, she jumped into the snow trench, hoping it would take her to safety. At the end of the tunnel, she  found bizak subject Pekada, who managed to calm the armed woman; then Kaxital appeared and beat Atu to death. After this, Pekada became fearful of her sister brutes, and asked Fusofitkul to keep them away from her.

To settle Pekada’s nerves, Fusofitakil came up with a plan to take Concordia without resorting to violence; she tasked Pekada with salvaging an oversized diesel engine from an abandoned truck. When taken from the truck’s structure, the brutes carried the engine to the end of the tunnel that opened up beneath a pedestrian walk that connected the base’s two silo-structures. In the dark of midday, Pekada got the engine running, and after aligning its exhaust to a hole created in the floor of the pedestrian walk, they slowly poisoned the helovx inside with carbon monoxide.

Concordia contained the last humans of Antarctica.


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