Help Needed

Okay, I need help.

I’ve hit the end of my development funds for the series (I make enough to cover web hosting right now). I’m 4 months into the series with 5 episodes posted, and I’ve got five subscribers (2 on Patreon & 3 on Visa/Paypal). I’m making $14 a month ( thanks to my Patreon backers giving me $4 a month ❤ ). Right now, I’ve no more funds for cover art for episodes 7-9 (the Internal Vision arc) and no way to pay an editor (relying solely on grammarly is no way to go through life).

It’s entirely my fault because I’ve done ZERO in the way of promotion for the paid content. I’ve hyped the free Series Compendium at, and that’s getting more readers every day, (so I know there’s interest!) but now I need subscribers.

It’s $2 a month, less than a Happy Meal from McDonald’s. If you subscribe now you get all the patrons-only stuff (episodes 1-5, plus deleted scenes, and some short story extras). If you have a genre platform (serial fic, LGBT fic, feminist sci-fi, light novels), or know someone that does, I’d be happy to share the Suffocation arc (eps 1-3) for review. If you just can’t afford the episodes but are digging the world-building at – please spread the word, signal-boost, I’m begging you here – help a writer out.

Thanks so much for this, I appreciate it!
Tina Anderson