First 3 Episodes Now Available!


Suffocation: The Femitokon Series Volume I

  • Author: Tina Anderson
  • ISBN: 978-0-9744195-0-3
  • Publisher: Gynocrat Ink
  • List Price: USD $1.99

Suffocation – Episodes 1 – 3: After Ambassador Laxum Jyr fails to report the death of suspected hybrid Pym Zhang, the Ambassador Prime of Ramaxia, Pitana Dag, enlists operative Sofita Kul of the Femitokon Division to determine if the deceased man dabbled in Femarctic bio-sciences.

23rd Century Earth is now Ramaxicon, and its dominant species are the southern polar Femmar!

Brilliant scholar turned soldier Sofita Kul carries within her the Femitokon Shell, a phasic-armor that enables her near invincibility as an operative between the poles. When the Shell begins communicating as its previous host, Sofita’s dead twin, Fusada Kul, old ambitions awaken that pit Sofita against their homicidal parent, the current Primary, who would sooner kill Sofita than hand over control.

Destined to rule with Sofita are her 10th Generation allies: Laxum Jyr, Pitana Dag, Eppis Banto, Velto Wram, and Fyla Uym; each has a maker on Ramaxia’s ruling Committee, and like their Primary, they’ve no intention of stepping down.



Suffocation is Live on Amazon

Suffocation: Femitokon Series Volume I is available over at Amazon, exclusively on Kindle Unlimited (that means its free to Prime subscribers) until Janaury 15, 2021. If you don’t have a Prime account, the novella costs $1.99. I didn’t make this decision lightly – but many years ago, back when Amazon’s 47 North sought new talent, they’d been willing to make a publishing offer on Femitokon.

My computer had crashed and my manuscripts became non-salvageable (collected episodes 1-8). Luckily my series bible was safe on the internet and this enabled me to rewrite those episode from scratch, but it took a LONG TIME. Since then, 47 North changed their submission policies, so I posted the series at Patreon, and then Gumroad. Now here we are – finally published!

None of this would be possible if it weren’t for my early subscribers and other patrons cool enough to digest those first-drafts. I hope you continue to support this series and my writing. Please know that I appreciate you all so much!

I set up a series page at Amazon for the Spring release of Tactical Pursuits. I wrote a more succinct synopsis for the series-page and hope that it works. After the Hanukkah holiday I’ll attempt some marketing and acquiring some genre reviews.

I’ll be silent running for the next few months as I work on Tactical Pursuits revisions. I’m lucky to have scored an editor like Thalia Sutton (her familiarity with light-novels made her the perfect person for the job) and her advice helped me grow as a writer. Pro editors are the best investment you can make as a self-publisher.