Site Updates 11/4/21

Deleted Scenes at have been updated with two cuts from Tactical Pursuits. A deleted third scene featuring Ilo and Velto won’t be available until more readers know of Ilo’s situation at arc’s end. December begins the first draft clean-up of episodes 9-12 (Tribal Warfare arc). The goal is to have these episodes to the editor before Spring.

Call to Action: If you’ve read both Femitokon books: please drop a review where you can, this goes a long way in promoting the series and generating interest for other readers – thank you again for supporting Femitokon.

Suffocation & Tactical Pursuits Updated

Busy day today.

First – I wish to thank everyone again for their continued support. Previous purchasers can sync their Kindle, Nook, Kobo, or iPad/iPhones to get the illustrated editions. Google Play purchasers had received their updates, if you haven’t please email. Suffocation now has two BW illustrations, and Tactical now has three. I’ve also sent new PDFs to those subscribed. I couldn’t have done this without sales and the tireless availability of series cover artist, Daniel Hurtado.

Thanks, Dan!

I took the liberty with some of the pages to make them actual comics pages – old habits never die.