Tribal Warfare – Opening Scene

The opening scene of Tribal Warfare is live at Royal Road.

The cover features antagonists Utahraptor Sil (on right) and Eli Red. Utah is a human-femarctic hybrid, but Eli is a full blooded femmar (interesting, since the femmar claim to have no males in their species). Eli’s existence is unknown to the Sorority of Defense, but they’re well aware of Utah and thus, Kul and Dox are dispatched to terminate him.

Written by Tina Anderson
Cover/Illustration by Daniel Hurtado

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Series Update

From My Blog:

I removed my sci-fi serial from retail sale. The books barely sold – I had more interaction and readership when the episodes were free. I didn’t market, never paid for advertising or placement, and barely networked online. All writers need some form of validation, and I had that when my works were free to read. The only thing selling at Amazon/BN and others? My old graphic novel titles. :/

The reality of my writing situation last month made me realize something had to change. As a staff writer, my brutal work schedule gave me four days off in December. I spent those days decompressing instead of editing my series. Twitter and Insta proved impossible. I limited myself to being social on Tumblr and Twitter, but even that became a chore after flying home from a shoot.

I love writing Femitokon, but sales and advertising and networking? Those three things sucked the life right out of my motivation.

The truth? Scripting is my strength, and prose is still new to me (since 2018). Five years into this, I admit that my writing level is Philly Cheese Steak, not a NY Strip. Indie and OELN writers with better skills have packed the self-pub market, let them pay for placement, and duke it out; they got what it takes.I just want to enjoy writing my series.

My wiki donations remain steady ($50 – $100 a month) and are enough for wiki artwork, or full-page illustrations for new arcs (thanks, Dan!). I’ve drastically reduced my availability at the studio, giving me more time to write. I removed the books from sale and have made them available at Royal Road.

My goal for 2022 is to write for me, and continue having fun with Femitokon.