capsuleFemmar hibernate 40 days at the end of each year (only Marixi need sleep for 20 days). Citizens call this seasonal function, ‘the big sleep,’ or ‘going down.’ Hibernation occurs in sleeping rooms called paxicol (paks-ee-kall).

Paxicol are subterranean boarding units that contain hundreds of pod-like billets for sleeping. These billets are stacked side by side, with five units top to bottom, with steps to provide access to the upper-level units. When subhive Koltrix calculates a percentage of citizens sleeping, the billets are sealed tight and the outside containment chambers fill with coltanol, a synthetic embryonic fluid and similar to the waters of the Vosk`tulak (Lake Vostok) .

capsule2Every femmar with a gen-code is allotted space in a citizenry-paxicol upon entering the workforce. A femmar sleeps with her pod until age ten (age eight for Hizaki and Marixi), then she hibernates with her peers until caste-training is complete. Upon acquisition of adult citizenship credit, every femmar gains access to her citizenry-paxicol unit.

The largest cluster of Citizenry-Paxicol are in Pikalit and Toxis; the city of Vanda hosts the highest number of Single-Citizen Paxicol, while standardized group-units exist in Mynu and Orta. A Private-Paxicol contains two to three sleeping chambers each with a washroom, and maintains a single entry and connection to Koltrix; these hibernation units (common in Utama) are owned by the prime houses, established lines, and incorporated clans, throughout Ramaxia.

Hibernation Schedules

  • Subaki and Bizaki: Subiz – Hizaxir (September 1 – October 20)
  • Hizaki and Zaxiri: Hizaxir – Buxol (October 1 – November 20)
  • Marixi*: Divided, throughout Subiz to Buxol.

*All Armed Forces, Athletic Associations, and members of the Citizen Guard, hibernate in cycles based on division, rank, or deployment status so that their caste never hibernates all at once.