Garden Club

A Garden Club is an establishment designed to maintain the mental and physical well-being of Subaki. Standard activities include food, group platonic and intimate socialization, and aesthetic care. In addition to fitness and beauty treatments, the clubs also host sexual activity.

Evolution of Subaki Socialization

After the Lonely Time, the first Subaki found that they’d benefited emotionally in their time apart from the other castes. Ramax Gen Subaki organized retreats, spending a few days of the week together, away from the other castes. First Gen Subaki found time for themselves after their donations went to caste-training by venturing out the Ortosk Plain in groups.

Subaki of the Second Gen went without donations for many years, giving them time to focus on their overall well-being. Enterprising Subaki opened multi-room establishments, filled with fauna and waterscapes; these resorts focused on contemplative meditation and mental health. Fifth-Gen Subaki added hide, nail, hair, and other aesthetic therapies, along with prepared meals, to locations with extended-stay rooms. The Sixth Gen Subaki put forth the notion that a sexually satisfied Subak radiated beauty and confidence beyond her twentieth year, and so sexual rooms became a staple, and quite popular among the post-donational Ninth Gen Subak minority.

In the era of the Tenth, Subaki lives revolved less around pod-care, and as more of them sought positions of employment outside the home, they required more than just a sex and beauty retreat, they wanted to socialize with like-minded Subaki. The Gardens became a place of literature circles, food, and drink groups, BEBBLE watching clubs, and other social-networking events.

Though Garden Clubs offer a host of well-living treatments and social events, non-Subak citizens came to regard Garden Clubs as secret sexual societies. Barred from membership, Bizaki and Hizaki developed a culture of resentment, and early-gen Subaki fueled this sentiment with outright exclusionary advertising and cultivating an atmosphere of separation. Faced with a minority of Subak in the Ninth-Gen, Sixth Gen proprietors built outdoor drinking and eating areas on the roofs of their establishments; these Square Gardens became popular with the Tenth Gen Subak.

Return of the Sexually Social Subaki

Eleventh Gen Subaki, are free to carouse the surface with Bizaki, and are far more sexually liberated than their elders. Tenth Gen owners have fed this freedom by reviving the sexual culture of the Garden Club. Modern resorts now offer ways for young Subaki to tap into the power of her sexual energy and apply it to her everyday life. Popular programs called Burxolic-Enlightenment, exist alongside hair braiding, conversational clutches, fine food, and meditation.