The Bluzsh

A Citizens-Bluzsh (bloo-shee) is where citizens go to dance, drink, and engage in sexual activity with the Zaxiri that reside there, and with other castes also there to do the same.

Generational-Bluzsh, therapeutic in nature and connected to Ramaxian Health Centers, exist for those in need of specialized intimacy.

The most common bluzsh is the Citbluz (sit-bloos). A citbluz allows its resident Zaxir to earn credit for her affections. They contain group sexual-rooms, massage parlors, dance and alcohol bars, and entertainment halls with erotic performances. The most popular part of the citbluz are the wet rooms where heightened arousal from freezing temperatures and icy water lead to open displays of intercourse.

Hizaki are the citbluz largest market base while the sexual services cater almost exclusively to Marixi; for this, they have a reputation for rowdiness, raunchiness, and general orgiastic anarchy. Domes outside of West Toxis allow for one or two citbluz per prime dome, with zoning to ensure these locations sit close to transit hubs.

A Genbluz (jen-bloos), located in multiple locations throughout the domes, are staffed by therapists and doctors assigned to a Zaxiri Health Center, or Subaki Services Clinic. They are designed for intimate therapeutic encounters and employ Zaxiri, and Subaki credentialed physical and sexual therapies; most are also mental health professionals. Genbluz staff reside off-site and provide private physical, sexual, and emotional psychotherapy, by appointment. Genbluz help citizens suffering from emotional, or physical, sexual issues and concerns. They also cater to citizens convicted of sex offenses barring them from a citbluz as part of their sentencing.

The steady clientele of most Genbluz subsists of Marixi. Officers unable to patronize a citbluz because their liberty is limited to coming home just for sexual release, or Guardia unwilling to visit a citbluz, due to professional or ethical concerns.