Gulidtoks Speed Trials

The GST is a Prime-Glide* closed course race, governed by the Bizakask Glide Committee (BGC). The Trial maintains a very strict set of rules governing a glides power, weight, and size.

The race is carried out on a twelve mile plain of flat ice, part of the Gulidtoks Ice Shelf, the thickest in Eastern Ramaxia. On the flat-ice, two runs (each in opposite directions, one straight, and the other winding), is performed. The results of each series are evaluated using a points system to determine three outcomes: one for operators, the other for designers, and a third for the engineers responsible for building the transport.

*Prime Glides are high-performance four-hover vehicles designed for quick maneuverability. They are single-operator vehicles, with sub-average gravity centers, and steering and hover suspension designed for precise control at high speeds. The front kyr-coil and rear-hover-exhaust are standard. The most notable “prime-glides” are the Glacial Prime, Ikat Marlook, and the Hibax Primada.

A popular event with Bizaki, Hizaki, and Marixi, the Speed Trials are held twice a year on the Gulidtoks; the first at the start of the polar day, and the second at the end of the polar day. Hizaki design the Prime Glides, while Bizaki operate them, due to their light weight. Bizaki also staff the maintenance crews.

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