Dirtox-Flats Rally

Deep glacial flats, or coastal plain slush beds (h. grazil ice), are lakes or ponds loaded with thick hand-sized ice. The deepest lie in remote northern Ramaxia, where the Dirtoxian Ice-Shelf melts into the Dirtox’takal. These miles of slush-bogs are where the Second Gen began rallying in early days of aquatic transport design.

In altered submersible carriers called Poks, Bizaki operators slammed into one another to see which pok could withstand the most abuse.

Helovx regard the Flats Rally as “ice-water demolition derby,” as it consists of five or more submersible single-operator poks, competing by deliberately ramming into one another. The winner is the pok that can move onto solid ice, with the least damage to their pok.

Dome-sponsorship, setting one official combat area, and establishing rules of engagement for pok-operators, allowed the sport to retain its element of danger in the era of the Fifth Gen, without serious injury or fatality.

The Dirtox-Flats Rally is held in the Dirtox Flats, during the months of the polar night. Spectators convene on the surface, or in the submerged party-transports parked on the lake floor, far beneath the action in the slush. Each pok is illuminated to stand out in the water, and caster-spheres move around the melee recording the action for broadcast audiences. The Dirtox-Flats Rally is immensely popular following a production year, as young donats enjoy watching chaotic mash-ups.

All pok’s must be of an original base design with no kyr-coil augmentations beyond the manufacturer’s standard. Bizak operators decorate their pok’s to resemble ramxkul (sharks), guardul (killer whales), and other dangerous sea life. Flat-Barks (engineers and operators) are typically Bizaki and Marixi, with spectators being from every caste.

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