Bizakask Glide Relay

The Bizakask Glide Relay is an annual contest (dome-regional Glide Relays are frequently held, throughout the solar day) organized by manufacturers throughout Ramaxia. BK Glides, single-operator hovers modified for high-speed races, are sold to licensed citizens throughout Ramaxia, and the Bizakask Glide Relay, often held at the Fairgrounds, is a popular way for manufacturers advertise their designs.

Ramaxia’s first ‘BK Glide’ was built by young Fifth-Gen surface engineers Zir Nux (Bizak), and Hax A’tuk (Hizak); racing began at the Fairgrounds in 2130.

Single-operator racing employs highly modified production gliders, built with the singular purpose of going at super speeds, over elongated, and then round, glacial-track terrain.  Due to the agility required in operating a BK, “gliders” are typically Bizaki; Glide Relays are enjoyed by Bizaki (the largest purchasers of single-operator transports), Marixi, and Hizak (most designers and manufacturers, are Hizaki).

BK Glides must maintain the same profile as their builders citizenry-transport counterparts, with the same overall appearance. Bizak-led teams are allowed to modify the anti-gravitational buffers, tharspin-brakes, and the diameter and size of the plasma exhaust tubes. The output of the kyr-sphere cannot be altered; all BK Gliders must have dual-chamber kyr-coils.

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