Isurus Relays


An Isurus Relay is a competitive form of team track skating. Its name comes from the Isurus (iz-oo-roos) Skate, a glacier gliding boot with a gravitational field attached to the sole that propels its wearer across a sheet of ice.

Four city-sponsored teams compete against one another during what is a typical Relay Season, beginning the last day of Ramx (February), and ending on the last day of Ixax (March). There are four main competitions (called Meets), and two of those involve multiple skaters (typically between four and six) meeting on an oval track with a circumference of 900 meters. (Vosk Glacial Fairgrounds)

  • The First Meet is called a ‘Surface Run Relay,’ it is a long speed skate trial between four skaters, each representing their home team. They race for time over the 800-meter long track.
  • The Second Meet is called a ‘Short Glide Relay.’ Eight skaters, two from each team, race for the best time along the innermost track of the Fairgrounds, which is 400 meters long.
  • The Third Meet is called the ‘Cresting Relay.’ It is a marathon-style relay with four skaters from each team, rounding the outer ice of the 800-meter track, lapping one another to score points. The skater with the most laps completed when the time runs out is the winner.
  • The Fourth and most popular Meet is a ‘Pod Relay.’ Comprised of all six skaters from the team, one skates the 800-meter oval, and hands off by slapping the next member’s hand, signaling her to run around the oval until the final team member is tapped to finish the Relay.

There are four official teams:

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