Sports Culture

Spectator sports began when Bizaki of the Second-Gen gathered to watch competitions between individual or group Marixi assigned to walk the surface. (Brooders that ‘ceremoniously’ died in the first round of their Final Trial during this era, were furloughed to the surface to guard the coasts). Marixi would schedule their mock-battles around Bizaki downtimes; they were carried out near surface venting areas over farms, or outside of subsurface transport yards, frequented by Bizaki laborers.

Soon, these contests brought enlisted Marixi, and their presence brought Zaxiri to the surface (they came to engage with Marixi spectators socially). Team matches became so popular in those early years that even Subaki were inclined to attend. (Subaki were prone to surface sickness, yet many came to be with their Bizak partners). Organized competition didn’t become an institution until Hizaki took an interest. Hizaki held a fondness for predicting results and placing wagers on the outcome; many earned enough credit to sponsor teams of surface walkers, procuring for them decorative uniforms and and paying for locations more suitable for spectators.

Sports Culture | Vosk Glacial Fairgrounds

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