Zaxiri Communes

A majority of Zaxiri live and work in individually portioned residences located in a citizen’s bluzsh. These dedicated apartments, built above the establishment’s spas, pools, sex areas, and dance clubs, house those Zaxiri working for monthly credits to make a profit for the bluzsh owner.

Older Zaxiri will cohabitate with lovers, or bond-partners, while educated, bond-broken, or independently wealthy Zaxiri, live in housing restricted to their caste. Zaxiri Communes carry no more than twenty residents, each has her room, but dining, bathing, and socializing is done communally in a shared space. Individual rooms contain an erotic couch, a femaxik chamber with a pool, and a room dedicated to vocational work or private non-sexual socializing with visiting peers and relatives.

Zaxiri interiors always reflect comfort either in the bluzsh or a commune; furniture lack legs, tables are cushioned, lights are colorful and built into the falling water walls, and the floors contain noisy water features that mist the air to keep Zaxiri hides hydrated. Zaxiri prefer soft lighting, primary colors that put them at ease, and heavy scents.