Subaki Shells

Subaki Shell neighborhoods are circular gated developments, open only to the Subaki that reside there. There are ten to fifteen turret-style tri-floor homes built in a circle with shared walls; each is a uniquely colored residence designed around a central court. The colors of these row-homes resemble the subterranean shells found in the coastal rivers of Ramaxia.

The need for tri-floor housing stems from the Subaki habit of designating portions of their space to specific life-functions. The ground floor exists for communal socialization; the second floor is where daily vocational activity, or productive time, is carried out. The third floor is the most private, containing an erotic couch, and a femaxik chamber with a falling water tub. Subaki are fiercely private, and third floors are strictly for intimate encounters. Many citizens will rudely ask of those involved with Subaki: did you make it to, or have you seen, her third floor?

Aesthetically, the first Subaki were fond of bedrock and green moss; Second Gen Subaki created the non-polar greenery movement, implementing genetically engineered fauna into their interior design. Full body bathing pools aren’t standard in Shells, because Subaki, like Bizaki, do not soak clean, they prefer showering.