Hizaki Highrises

Hizaki prefer to live in portioned residences built high over the neighborhoods of the domes. Though they prefer the single life, Hizaki aren’t private citizens; their apartments contain open air spaces, glass walls, and large windows. High-rises are stacked, so Hizaki are within view of one another; this type of habitat is similar to the semi-private cube-like dormitory of their youth in Mynu.

Hizaki living includes standards set by the caste; an office space, a femaxik room, and a closet. As Hizaki earn varying degrees of credit, their housing choices reflect their station: high-credit living differs regarding location, space, and interior amenities, from low-credit residences. Erotic couch rooms aren’t typical in high or low credit apartments, as single Hizaki partake in group sexual activity at the bluzsh.

Like Subaki, Hizaki are fond of non-polar plant life, but because they are unable to see color, textured and shapely trees, and vine-like shrubs, are favored over large-leaf floor plants and flowers.