Gaztenx and Gazteneezo

Temporary accommodations outside one’s residence came about when Second Gen bonded citizens, experiencing makership in what was typically their elder years, needed romantic time out of the home and weren’t inclined to visit the citbluz. Conservative in nature, Subaki (their desire for sex goes dormant while rearing donations) bonded to Hizaki and or Zaxiri often barred their bonds from engaging in intercourse while donats were running about the home. Bizaki were of a similar nature, and in households shared with Subaki, were unwilling to participate in regular group sexual activity within earshot of their donations.

Aging Second Gen Subaki were the first to open for-credit lodgings, to provide Fifth Gen bonded-citizens a place to meet and engage in sexual activity, without emotionally isolating their sexually-disinterested Subak bonds. Over time, these locations became meeting grounds for bonded citizens (and their Subak) to engage sexually with other bonded citizens, after their donations left for caste-training. These gaztenx (from the Russian word for a hotel) remain connected to Square Gardens and Bloom Communities (many have Hizix Bars operating in their common areas) and continue to operate primarily for the purpose of allowing bonded groups privacy for sexual activities, outside the pod-residence. The rooms of a gaztenx contain smaller more intimate amenities similar to those found in the bluzsh, like ice pools with or without rocks, and oversized couches for intercourse. Most gaztenx do not have warm pools for bathing, as Bizaki and Subaki, the most common patrons, prefer showers.

Gaztenx surged in popularity among the Ninth Gen, as infidelity ran rampant in this generation. Among the Tenth Gen, gaztenx became popular with those preferring one-on-one sexual activity.

Instead of closing up shop during the castehood years of the Eleventh (due to a lack of patronage), gaztenx owners altered their rooms from erotic spaces to working areas. Following the Sister Suicides, many Ninth and Tenth Gen citizens found themselves with vocations requiring extended travel-stays. Gazteneezo offer rooms for rent by the day, week, or month, and each establishment caters to every caste. Hizaki accommodations provide a desk and a closet, while rooms for Bizaki feature a socialization area with a BEBBLE. Some gazteneezo welcome Marixi with rooms containing workout equipment.