Bizaki Blooms

Bizaki live in moderately sized geodesic domes that favor efficiency over privacy. The interior of their habitation bubble is an open concept space, with an entertainment system (BEBBLE) as the center of the home. Erotic couches are in a loft over the kitchen, or workspace area. A standard shower closet remains hidden as it contains a gapirx. These bubble-homes include a window in the roof as Bizaki require sight of the daily cycle. Water canals run the outer circumference of the room moving at a speed that creates the sound of rapids to reduce stress. After bonding, many Bizaki acquire larger geodesic homes with multi-levels and rooms to accommodate a pod.

An overtly social caste, Bizak share communal areas behind their domes, connecting to one centralized yard. These clusters of four to five home neighborhoods are called Blooms.