Square Gardens

Square Garden’s, rooftop areas where drink and food are shared by bonded citizens, or citizens in a relationship, or are looking for one, are named for the large square decks that comprise their design. Found on top of buildings that house Garden Clubs, gazteneezo, and foodapaxo, Pikalit holds the greatest number of Square Gardens, due to an immense number of Subaki living there in households.

The Square Garden is an offshoot of the Subak-exclusive Garden Club, and as such, Square Gardens revolve around the collective social tastes of Subaki. Subaki are polyamorous by nature, and their pods (family units) typically have primary partners that are socially incompatible. Hizaki and Bizaki rarely share the same social interests but do come together in bonds usually anchored by a Subak. These Hizaki and Bizaki rarely engage one another unless it includes their donations or group coital activity. The Gardens provide a non-sexual group-dating atmosphere for these citizens, to get out and mingle with others, in committed relationships like their own.

In the era of the Fifth, Sixth, and Ninth Gen’s, it was rare to find Zaxiri, or Marixi, visiting a Square Garden. Among the Tenth Gen, Guardia bonded to Bizaki or Subaki partners began showing up with their bonds. Among the Eleventh Gen, attendance by a single Guardia-assigned Marix is more frequent, usually as a guest of a patron. Among the Ninth and Tenth, however, it remains poor form to bring a Zaxir bond-partner to the Garden, as the Garden is considered the social territory of the Subaki.

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