Hizix Bars

Hizix Bars are members-only establishments set up by and for Hizaki with shared cultural interests, be they politics, sports, medicine, literature, or transports. They serve only trix (trictan beer), bix (itabix beer), or tigix (tigoz beer).

The first hizix bars were created by the Hizaki of the Fifth Ramaxian Gen. Intellectual by design, Hizaki found pod-life (living with their bonds and donations) isolated them from other Hizaki. Hizaki were further cut off from socializing with one another if bonded to Subaki or a Bizak, as this barred them from going to the citbluz. Hizix Bars offered a place to relax with their caste, and share a meal or discuss interests.

Hizix Bar attendance declined sharply in the era of the Sixth Ramaxian Gen but surged decades later, when their donations coded as a Seventh, reached maturity. In the era of the Ninth Ramaxian Gen, Hizix Bars became less about escaping bonds, and more about maintaining cliques (called Tribes in Mynu). One infamous Ninth-Gen group was known for its heated political discussions, often leaked to the Ramaxian press. Pack Jyr, a select group of politicians, gen-heirs, and industrialists, were quick to voice their displeasure with Sixth Gen Ruling Platform. Hizix Bars became a haven for young unbound Hizaki among the Tenth Gen, and produced showcased its most charismatic tribes*.

The Vosk Patrol was a name given to a group of Hizaki that went on to become tacticians, politicians, analysts, and creditors. Their conversations, often recorded and posted on the interHive, became the most anticipated by those following or betting on sports. Old tribal-peers in Mynu, the group met up at the Ublaktal, in Pikalit, until 2211, disbanding upon delivery of their donations. In 2225 they began meeting again, to discuss common sports-related topics and prediction analyses. Members are Ixo Gizul (now the Sernatae-Second), Dyb Kul (now Secondary Administrator of Ramaxia Prime Credit), Vaniaz Dag (now Prime Administrator of the Vosk Glacial Fairgrounds), Yam Zil (now Secondary of Orta Logistics), and Cruzo Tegal (now CR of Northeast Pikalit).

The Fufita Kills was another well-known group containing notable writers, inventors, and politicians. The Kills met monthly for late-evening meals at the Pertix, in Utama, until roughly 2208. The Kills discussed technology, culture, and social issues, and engaged in wordplay, and witticisms that, leaked to the gossip-feeds of the interHive, were distributed across Ramaxia. Members of the Fufita Kills were the now deceased Iba Ukel (inventor of the Filmark), Laxum Jyr (onetime CR of Utama, now Ambassador to Jungwa), the deceased Ergal Jakix (creator of Kyrsol Containment Shield), Tee Gaz (Prime of Behavioral Studies at the Mynu College of Psychology), and Sofita Kul (noted scholar, best-selling author, and the first Hizak to acquire rank in the RWO).

Hizix Bars have evolved under the patronage of the Eleventh Gen. Many with Eleventh Gen clients have expanded their drink offerings, limited their food options, and often allow Bizaki and Marixi, only when invited by an existing member. Garnishing attention these days is the Cloister Clutch, a group of young professionals bound for careers in politics, medicine, and law. The Cloister Clutch meets monthly at the Ulixipak, in Utama, and members are gen-heir Obiz Banto (Dome Vanda Administration), Riltav G’wo (Operative Specialist in World Oceans), Crix Utabi (Advocate in World Oceans), Fibo Endiz (Dome Vanda Administration), and the only Bizak to ever acquire a membership, Bam Ukel (a stylist at the upscale Hizrutaki, in Utama).

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