Credoopaxi Shops

In the era of the Fifth Gen, residential kitchens became larger, allowing for bonds to cook together, in the privacy of their own homes. Fresh ingredients markets called goxtan began forming so that citizens could purchase groceries within their dome, instead of journeying to free markets of Pikalit. Today these shops are called credoopax because one used credit to acquire foodstuffs. When protein sequencing technology entered the food industry, these markets expanded their stock to include non-perishables, packaged in dirtoxian-glass bottles and degradable-fiber boxes.

Presently, there are four kinds of credoopaxi:

  • Goxtan markets were the first to sell food in Ramaxia; today they are boutique establishments patronized by true lovers of cooking and food. They sell only fresh ingredients direct from the farms, hatcheries, and ranches of Pikalit.
  • Foodax stores are the most common throughout the domes, and specialize in packaged groceries, protein-blocks, and preserved produce, meats, and dairy, from the farms, hatcheries, and ranches of Pikalit
  • A Blockshop(s) sells only the raw cubes of protein that are fed to Sustenance Replicators; large weight blocks of fresh ingredients are available for foodapaxo (restaurants), and smaller blocks are sold to individual citizens with replicators in their residences.
  • Helvfoodat shops sell processed items from between the poles; mainly helovx made beverages and packaged food brought in from Antarctica City. These are specialized stores located in Pikalit and Utama, only.